guy with scythe said this with vendetta = plus 6 all stats could people test other weps so we can find out if its same for all them.

Chubbs and Suiram tested this with Murderer + Supremacy, and showed that the MAB is only +2. Corrected the earring and Murderer page, will work on fixing other weapons. ~~Nekio 12/22/08 13:08EST

I am not getting 6 attack from equipping this along with Skystrider. With 82 STR total after equipping the earring, my attack is 361. Without the earring it is 353, a difference of 8. If you consider the amount of attack you should get from STR, 76 * .75 = 57 and 82 * .75 = 61.5. So it seems like the earring itself gives 4 attack. --Releena 09:13, 26 January 2009 (UTC)

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