Tried to solo as 75NIN/37DNC with 4/4 evasion merits +13 additional Evasion skill, and +42 evasion gear. Wasn't even close. Aditionally I had my level 66 NPC (soothing healer) out as well. I highly doubt this was soloed. --Oldgrif 13:09, 31 July 2008 (UTC)

Trio'd as NIN75/WAR, RNG75/NIN and RDM75/BLM. Very easy, I bet it's soloable by a few jobs. Watch out for the aggros, though.

75PLD/DNC, 75RNG/NIN, 75RDM/WHM, and 75DRG/SAM. Slightly tense fight. I would very much recommend a NIN or THF tank for this. It was a lot of fun though. Remember buffs, keep slow on it if you can. It hits hard and fast.

--Memimi 22:43, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

Trio'd as 75PLD/NIN, 75RDM/WHM, and 75SAM/NIN. Fight was very simple, the PLD never having lower than yellow HP. Slow II helped alot, and Paralyze II proc'd more than 50% of the time. Wingcutter was absorbed by 1 shadow.

i would also call either false or fluke on the solo claims... tried to duo as 75THF/NIN and 75WHM/BLM... we got our asses handed to us

Duo method

I just dual boxed this NM, with my main character on PLD/NIN and a mule as WHM/BLM. I used no two hour abilities, nor meds of any kind. It took me 3 tries to succeed. The first ending in a wipe thanks to links, as I chose a bad place to fight. Second I lost at 21%, and the third I won. Make no mistake, the fight isn't exactly easy and can get messy quick if the proper precautions are not taken.

It's absolutely imperative you find a safe, link-free place to pull the bird to. I used a small nook between a rock and the north wall, not far from the ???'s. The fight is much easier if you're not worrying about links, and there are a ton of mobs around which will end this fight quickly so you must be careful. Timing the spawn properly can make or break the pull, so look for the mobs pathing, distance, and facing direction between the ???'s and the area you'll pull to.

Once you've completed the pull, it's a pretty straightforward fight. Keep Pro/Shell V, Haste, and Regen III on the PLD at all times. I used a tavnazian taco on my PLD, as well. Probably the biggest thing is to apply Slow and Paralyze as often as possible, as they will do everything they can to make this fight easier. Without them, it'd be very difficult. After all that, it's a real straightforward battle. Just keep yourself alive, spam Atonement as much as possible, and you should come out on top.

Sovereign, Diabolos server

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