• Can cast 2-4 spells during a single stun cooldown, making multiple stunners ideal.
  • A group of six 75s, PLD/WAR, RDM/DRK, WHM/SMN, MNK/WAR, SMN/WHM, and SAM/WAR, wiped twice. Got Shoggoth to 18%hp after a 15 minute fight.
  • Hits 75 paladin for 50-250 damage, with critical hits as high as 400+.
  • Hits casters for 250-350 damage.
  • Despawns immediately after everyone in the group is dead, or has zoned.
  • SMN Meteorite did 263dmg, Diamond Dust did 637dmg. Average melee hits were 0-70dmg.
  • Casted Sleepga II 8 times during the fight along Stone IV, Fire IV, Aero IV, Water IV, Thunder IV, and Blizzaga III. Used the TP moves Hex Eye and Petro Gaze.

  • Suggestions:
  • Have all melee /THF to assist main tank with keeping hate. Bring at least 3-5 stunners, and have a stun order set up. Magic Defense Bonus gear for stray TierIVs and -agaIIIs, and Poison Pots for Sleepga II are HIGHLY recommended.
  • Face away when it readies Hex Eye.
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