Tips and Suggestions

  • Can cast 2-4 spells during a single stun cooldown, making multiple stunners ideal.
  • A group of six 75s, PLD/WAR, RDM/DRK, WHM/SMN, MNK/WAR, SMN/WHM, and SAM/WAR, wiped twice. Got Shoggoth to 18%hp after a 15 minute fight.
  • Hits 75 paladin for 50-250 damage, with critical hits as high as 400+.
  • Hits casters for 250-350 damage.
  • Despawns immediately after everyone in the group is dead, or has zoned.
  • SMN Meteorite did 263dmg, Diamond Dust did 637dmg. Average melee hits were 0-70dmg.
  • Casted Sleepga II 8 times during the fight along Stone IV, Fire IV, Aero IV, Water IV, Thunder IV, and Blizzaga III. Used the TP moves Hex Eye and Petro Gaze.
  • Have all melee /THF to assist main tank with keeping hate. Bring at least 3-5 stunners, and have a stun order set up. Magic Defense Bonus gear for stray TierIVs and -agaIIIs, and Poison Pots for Sleepga II are HIGHLY recommended.
  • Face away when it readies Hex Eye.
  • Suggested kill method of RDM/DRK chain spell stun with manaburn. Not yet tested. This method is flawed as he will do Chainspell multiple times in one fight, thus resulting in the need of multiple RDM/DRK willing to use their Two-Hour for one fight. It would be better to get HP to 20% and time nuke to deal the killing blow to completely avoid his Chainspell spam.
  • Better method for Shoggoth's Chainspell is to use Shadowbind, using Hunter's Bracers the Bind will last the full length of his Chainspell. This was tested just now and worked everytime.
  • Can be killed with 2 or 3 members, kiting it around the western mountain. DoT and Kiting it with some nukes seems works the best and can be killed before it "Rages". It will stop to cast as soon as you are in range of magic, so running just outside of range will keep it able to be kited.
  • Does not seem to build resistance to stun (Used Chaispell Stun at one point, and then kited it for about 20 minutes, still was able to be stunned by a 75 DRK every time)
  • Has VERY low HP and can be zerged down with 5 to 7 Melee, 3 to 4 if they use 2hr.
  • It seems to alternate between Sleepga II and another -ga II or III spell (especially when in Chainspell mode), making it harder to zerg or strait tank. Poison Potions is highly recommended even if kiting.


Don't worry about most of your members being DRG, MNK and WAR. This NM is beatable with around three to five melee, safe with seven, and weak with greater than seven. EVERYONE should bring attack food (pizza if low on ACC), Poison Potions and gain TP before the fight. The DRGs and WARs can sub SAM.

We were very low on healers (at one point only had a RDM/DRK and a 59 WHM), but with good DD with Poison Potions active the NM should die in under 5 minutes.

It cast's Sleepga II far more than any of its other spells. One Chainspell consisted of six or more Sleepga IIs. You can get by with 1 or 2 attentive stunners using a heavy melee set up. The most important thing is to have your DDs stocked up on Poison Potions and this NM is a lot less dreadful than it sounds. --Shizoku 20:06, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

Just attempted this with RDM RDM and BLM, it's actually a fairly easy kite fight as long as you keep your back turned. Since your kiting with this setup he'll start doing a pattern upon your fist stun of a -ga spell, where he'll run up to you and attempt to do a TP move. As long as your back is turned you won't get hit (he does not use Death Ray). After that TP move he'll attempt another -ga spell. So -ga >> TP >> -ga >> TP >> -ga is his distinct pattern when kiting. *note: will sometimes replace a -ga with a single cast spell. The only killer here is the CS, with this low number group I highly recommend setting your HP in the location or fighting by the OP if your in present areas. Generally if you have your team split up into separate directions you can get away with only having one person die or sometimes none as he likes to spam sleepga II on CS. Hope this helps anyone who needs Shaggoth kills for their trials. ^^ --Hykaa 09:32, March 27, 2010 (UTC)

By kiting it around one of the various rocks around gusta, it's fairly easy to trio without any deaths, and can even be soloed. It's not terribly hard to solo on rdm (/sch works well, though you may want /nin if you're not comfortable soloing), though it can be quite annoying during chainspell, especially if you don't have a good mdt set. --rOg \ TaLk 06:10, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

Killed by 5 BLM/RDMs with some difficulty. Burst II and Freeze II nukes with stuns. Used Poison Potion at begining of the fight. Chainspells at about 70% and 50% life or so from what I've noticed. Chainspell also seems to reset hate. May have to Manafont.Natsuchii 19:23, March 27, 2010 (UTC)

Defeated by PT of PLD SMNx2 COR PUP RDM with extreme difficulty.

Killed with a pickup group with what I considered an odd setup at the time. 14 members total with 1 whm/blm, 1 blm/rdm, 1 sam/drk, 1 pup/drk, and 1 war/nin to grab initial hate. The rest of the alliance were either drg/mage (most needed the kill for a magian trial weapon) or some other DD job. The strategy was to rotate stuns while melees tp burned it down. Stun (including leg sweep if it connects) seemed to last about 10 seconds giving plenty of time for recast. Total time for the fight was almost 2 minutes exactly. No deaths, no problems and Shoggoth didn't even get a Chainspell off. The main thing I would change about this setup would be to change the drg's subs to /sam or /war as healing breath was never needed (it was also annoying to have poison pots removed by wyverns on weapon skills). Also, even though it never cast sleepga on us, I still highly recommend poison pots, just in case. Onishi22 14:59, April 15, 2010 (UTC)


Kyasjon 18:22, July 27, 2010 (UTC)Soloed as rdm/sch. Kited it while keeping bio and poison on with some nukes here and there then when it chainspelled I just equiped magic defense bonus and - magical damage gear while curing myself. After its chainspell at 20% was done I used chainspell and nuked it down.

Also soloed by RDM/NIN Mervi(Avesta) lvl 75-80

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