the DRK Testimony from the Orcish Warlord has a much lower drop rate then 50% currently about 1/7 and looking for a 2nd one

That sucks =( i went 4/4 on my DRK Test from the warlord. Then again i had TH4... - User:Karbuncle

I'm 3/5 on tests, so I think the figure is close enough to accurate (though we also had TH3) --ScourgeOfAges 20:11, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

Cross Reaper

I'm planning my Maat fight after two losses, and looking seriously at using Cross Reaper instead of Guillotine. It probably won't have quite the effect that Guillotine will, but I don't want Maat silenced; I want him to take time casting dumb absorb spells. Can I get some opinions on whether Last Resort + Souleater + Cross Reaper would be good enough damage? (I've also posted this on the Cross Reaper talk page) --ScourgeOfAges 20:11, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

DRK Level 90

I used an Icarus Wing at the beginning of the fight. Used Last Resort and Souleater and used Guillotine. One shotted him for 2.3k. The fight took 59 seconds.


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