I was told by someone who had them before me that they were broken and now i have have my own pair in which i tested. First of all, it does not lower MP when using either Stratagem, not for the corresponding art or the opposite art. Secondly, i checked to see if maybe it would be a charge free use; that was also not true, it took a charge like normal.

Further testing revealed it was just a glitch int he text, it does reduce mp by about 14% more than standard Parsimony/Penury

Changed the effect description to reflect the tests done in Bluegartr here [1] and here [2]. --Taim Meich 11:18, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

  • removing my previous long test as it didn't apply*

Seems in a nutshell if you use Penury/Parsimony consistently, you can neglect spending money towards "Conserve MP" gear.

--User:Haruhigumi Aug 17th 2011

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