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my observations on the San D'Orian carrots

After the use of these for some time i think i have found their effec on chocobo's. They seem to increase the affection of the chocobo by a great deal and increase the chances of high affetion and high energy status effect on the chocobo. They also seem to increase the effect of the food and treatment given to the chocobo the next day. edited once to put in sig

--Catharsis of valefor 23:27, 1 September 2007 (CDT)

With my current bird I have been conducting a thorough log of the care and feed I give it as well as tracking its stats. I have very concrete evidence for the effect that San d'Orian Carrots have on Strength and Endurance. As of Day 11, care consisted of a total of: 5 days of basic care, 6 days of Take a Walk Around Town, 12 Vomp Carrots, and 6 San d'Orian Carrots.

At the beginning of Day 11, my chocobo had reached substandard Endurance, but still had poor Strength. This means that STR<32 and END>=32 (and given that it had been poor the day before, END<=34). Taking the accepted values of basic care increasing stats by 1, Take a Walk Around Town increasing STR and END by 3, and Vomp Carrots increasing STR and END by 0.5, that leaves a total of 29 points for STR and END. This suggested that San d'Orian Carrots had a bonus towards END but not STR.

Continuing on, however, it was not until Day 14 that my chocobo hit substandard Strength. So as of Day 14, STR>=32 and <=34, with a total of 5xBasic, 9xWalk Around Town, 20xVomp and 8xSan. The first three factors would account for 42 points, however. This suggested that San d'Orian Carrots carried a penalty to STR of 1 each. As of this day I switched to a diet of exclusively Vomp Carrots.

As of Day 17, my chocobo had substandard STR and END. However, on feeding the third vomp carrot of the day, its END increased to a bit deficient. This means that at the end of the day, with a total of 5xbasic, 12xwalk around town, 29xvomp, and 8xsan, END was equal to 64 exactly (or potentially 63.5 if stats get rounded up for display purposes). Everything but San d'Orian Carrots account for a total of 55.5 points, leaving 8-8.5 points of difference to be made up by San d'Orian Carrots. This seems pretty definitive that San d'Orian Carrots carry the effects of: STR -1, END +1. --Idealist 18:49, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

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