Spawned this with half an alliance just to get some feel for him. We lost at about 60%. Here are our current findings:

-Does not cast anything above Stonega II (unknown as HP gets lower.) -Will use drawn in followed by Mud Stream or Stonega II. Seems to have a mild hate reset after Draw in. -Mud Stream CAN be used without Draw In, unlike Pallid Percy. -Mud Stream appears to get stronger with each use or as HP gets lower. Starting damage was low hundreds, eventually reaching 800+ on PLD/RDM at 60%. ~Requiem Knight 00:45, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

-casts stone IV, Stonega II, Stonega III, Stoneja -Fight is winable without too much hassle with low numbers. Just beat it today with SAM/WAR tank, BRD/WHM, RDM/BLM and 2 WHM mules -Draw in and Mud stream are annoying, the acc and dex down are also a pain - 2 tanks might help since there seems to be SOME sort of hate reset --Xenhas 08:37, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

Tried this guy with a full alliance to start, and wiped around 70%. After that, a party's worth of players bailed. Second try consisted of two parties, one healer each. We treated him like Pallid Percy and had one person on him while the Corsair used Tactician's Roll on the others and they ran in for WS. Got him down to 40% that time. I would definitely recommend multiple stunners for magics, mud stream seemed to go off very quickly.

Proc-ed yellow on firesday with Fire III the first time, and proc-ed red with Katon: Ni on earthsday. ~Isynual, Kujata May 15th, 2011 22:12

Killed with 12. 1whm pld tank was fairly easy. Everyone else stayed off and ran in to WS to try and trigger. After getting 3 different trigger messages most of the DD were attacking for tp, after getting hit a few times with aoe's we backed off and an empy wielder finished it. -Defiledsickness

Mud Slide

White mages using Afflatus Solace/Sacrifice on the tanks removes all status effects of Mud Slide quickly.

Vivid periapt of exploration

Vivid periapt of exploration

Trollz bin hur

the current picture is a joke, it should be changed to reflect the actual game.

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