Solo'd as blu/nin using blastbomb and disseverment... I don't reccomend it... --Blazza 07:40, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

Very easily duo'ed by PLD/BST and RDM/SMN - using pets and physical damage reduction gear to lower damage from 1000 needles.

  • Soloable as BST 75 using Tulwar Scorpions while Call Beast cools down.
  • Soloable as RDM75, SMN75, and PUP70.
  • Can be Duoed with a 75SMN (using Carbuncle) and a 72PUP (with a WHM puppet).
  • Duoable with ease by 75 DRG/NIN and skilled 71 DRG/RDM using NPC's to soak up 1000 needles and Drachen Armet for healing.
  • Can and will use 1000 needles early and will spam the attack. Seems to be able to use at will.
  • Ten-second TP burn by two SAM/WAR's, With the use of ten salvos of Penta-Thrusts very easy battle.


Thinking back to it, I can't come up with anything referring to Samurai, really. Just because it can use special abilities so often, doesn't make it Samurai in my fair opinion. ;o
--Sore wa sore, kore wa kore... 23:17, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

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