Requested Move

The photo shows that the name is "Sabotender Corrido", with the C capitalized. That's the way I would like to write it on the update notes. However, only the exact spelling "Sabotender corrido" (C lowercase) will link to this Article. I request a Move. Thank you. --Zylo 08:50, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

Hundred Fists

The article claims that Corrido uses Hundred Fists at approximately 30%. While this isn't technically incorrect, I have found that of the 5 times I've killed it, Corrido has always used Hundred Fists at exactly 25%. Put verification tag up until someone else can support my claim. --Almacien 14:28, November 29, 2009 (UTC)


  • Duoed by 75 pld/rdm and 75 pld/dnc
  • Killed by 75 nin/war and 75 drg/whm with 65 whm/blm
  • Soloed by 75 rdm/blu with the use of 2 hour
  • Duoed by Mnk75/dnc and 75 Rdm/blm
  • Got aggrod by this as 75BLU/37NIN called fellow healer lvl 61 mid in fight and got it down to 5%
  • Got aggroed as 75 war/dnc while looking this up on wiki... died too quickly to get any tp to heal myself.
  • Soloable by a fully merited well geared 75 Mnk/Dnc Heavy counter gear, and 2hr required.
  • Trio'd by 3 SMN75. Wait for 30% then have everyone use Predator Claws at the same time, goes down instantly.
  • Duoed by BLU/SCH and DRG/BLU. DRG ate a taco while BLU stunned and debuffed (Awful Eye, Terror Touch, Sandspray, Sandspin, Filamented Hold, Sub-Zero Smash). Recommend eatting taco's or some kind of defense food. NM triple attacks endlessly and appears to have very high accuracy.
  • Easy Duo by 75MNK/THF and 75RDM/WHM. MNK counterstanced at the beginning, RDM enfeebled with Blind, Paralyze and Slow II and buffed MNK with Haste, ProtectIV and Phalanx II. MNK used Hundredfists when NM did and was all over in less than 3 mins.
  • Laughably easy duo 75PLD/DNC and 75RDM/BLM. Buffs: Protect 4, haste, phalanx 2, refresh and tavnazian taco Debuffs: Slow II, Paralyze II, Blind, Poison II, Bio II, Burn, Chock and Shock. Took about 5 minutes with PLD/DNC curing with waltz and still had tp to ws. The RDM buffed/debuffed and nuked. Took 0~43 damage per hit with 69+44 Vit, 583 Def. Nothing really special on the PLD gear wise (joyeuse, koenig shield/hands, ACP body (fast cast + enm), jelly ring)
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