MUST MUST have key item to enter battlefield or have passed this mission. Hishealer 18:49, May 2, 2010 (UTC)
  • Can have up to 15k HP Just fought him with my 80sam a 76rdm and a 80bst added up total damage from pet Lucky WS damage from bst standard damage and SC damage total came to 14'680 so he 100% has more than 10k HP. Edited the info page to reflect this.
  • Very easily duoed by DRG/SAM and RDM/WHM. Went in, RDM put up composure -> stoneskin, phalanx, refresh on self and, protect & shell on both and rested until mp was full. Then RDM hasted the DRG and the DRG opened the fight. DRG kept Seigan + Third Eye up as much as possible. RDM debuffed, kept haste up and cured. Before weapon skill Dia II and Angon was used to lessen his defense. DRG used 2hr because we were afraid that the wyvern would heal with an elemental breath but it was at no point a critical fight and it was over in about 6 minutes.
  • Duoed by a WAR/NIN and BRD/WHM. BRD had MP setup around 600mp and kept a minimum of one ballad at all times. Double March on the WAR. Keep Elegy, Dia II, and Requiem on the the boss. Have the WAR use Defender whenever it can be used and Light Blade shouldn't be an issue. Soul Voiced when boss was at 50% and WAR 2hrd at 25%. Pretty smooth fight.
  • A Monk can effectively beat down Kam'lanaut in about 1-2 minutes with its Hundred Fists ability. Be careful however, because this could also cause a party trouble if one accumulates too much hate through the barrage of fists.
  • A party of 3 level 75s including a tank and a mage with access to Silena can easily defeat Kam'lanaut.
  • I just tried the above (3 75s, includind tank and a mage) Trio'd very easily with A PLD/WAR RDM/WHM & SMN/WHM. No 2hrs, no dying, etc.
  • Solo by a well-geared NIN/WHM or NIN/DNC.
  • Solo on 90THF/DNC. Capped evasion and good (not great) evasion set. Store TP for cures and drain samba. Dispel slow. Low accuracy, he hit me a few times, but nothing to worry about. Light blade missed once, hit me another time for 644. I used a tavnazian taco but it was probably unnecessary. --Almaa 23:49, April 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Duoed by a pair of PUP/NIN w/ Soulsoother head and RDM/WHM. PUP/NIN used echo drops to counter silence.
  • Duoed by 75thf/nin & 75rdm/blm. rdm stands near entrance (to avoid silencega) buffs, debuffs, and heals. through the fist few debuffs, you will gain hate. good time for thf to use sneak attack. come with echo drops for shadows and if rdm accidentally get hit with sliencega. relatively easy fight. <wolfkin - odin>
  • Duoed by a 75 unmerited PLD/RDM with capped Enhancing Magic and a 75 unmerited WHM/SCH. PLD kept up Phalanx and an Enspells for damage, using Flash to recast Stoneskin when possible, and dispelling Elemental Blade as soon as it's used (this is critical to surviving the fight.) WHM stayed at the entrance of the arena, out of range of Kam'lanaut's spells. PLD ate Fish Mithkabobs and used three Yagudo Drinks, with fairly average gear. Lack of Joyeuse will make the fight longer, though.
  • Add in a SMN to this fight will make it easier. Once Fenrir uses Eclipse Bite, It'll do about 1.4k damage and get instant hate from the tank. So lightblade won't hurt your tanks.
  • Trio'd by a 75RDM/NIN37, SMN75/WHM37 and BLM75/RDM37. Enter fight and buff up then full rest. When ready have RDM engage Kam'lanaut and have SMN use Garuda for entire duration of the fight. BLM stays on top of the steps castign Bio, Poison, Dispel, Stun and occasionally a nuke depending on the status of Kam'lanaut's sword element. Only had to refresh SMN once and used 2 Echo Drops. With Utsusemi and Stoneskin up was only brought down to red hp twice in the fight but SMN and BLM were able get cures off the first time (second time was at end of fight and SMN used Predator Claws to seal the deal). Battle took 11 minutes 14 seconds and was a pretty much a walk in the park. -{Tucker on Asura;10/19/08}
  • Trio'd by a 75BLM/WHM, 75PLD/NIN and 75THF/NIN pld died 3/4 way during the fight
  • Trio'd by PLD75/RDM37, NIN72/DNC36, and RDM75/WHM37. PLD kept hate with Dispel (helped with the En-spells) and Flash mostly, the occassional Sleep/Blind if necessary. RDM Erased Slowga, and NIN/DNC used Healing Waltz when Silencega'd. Echo Drops highly recommended for emergencies. NIN was able to survive tanking, but risky if shadows aren't up during Light Blade. PLD took minimal damage from Light Blade most of the time, kept Stoneskin/Phalanx/Prot IV up when possible. --XAnyex 06:42, 4 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Easily soloed by 75NIN/DNC in evasion set up and jack-o-lantern. (Massira Remora server 12-6-2008)
  • THF/NIN , RDM/WHM , easy fight no probleme , no use of medecine or food
  • Duo'd by RDM/BLU and COR/NIN. RDM used Cocoon, full buffs and Tavnazian Taco. While COR DD'd and used Dark Shot to keep damage down, RDM used Enspell II's and tanked. 17 minute fight, a little hectic due to Great Wheel resetting hate at bad times and COR dying, but definitely doable with a "supertank" RDM/BLU setup. Possibly soloable if you can do enough damage, may need meds or full Convert merits. --Onyxium 20:07, September 26, 2009 (UTC)
  • Ridiculously easy trio by MNK/DNC, PLD/NIN, and RDM/WHM. Nobody was in any danger of death. NQ Campaign mobs are harder. --Narol 02:34, October 13, 2009 (UTC)
  • Solo'd by 75Nin/37Dnc in 16 mins 3 seconds. Used full eva set up (capped evasion merits) and Jack-o'-Lantern . I brought echo drops but only used one. The trick is to save tp until after he does his move/spell so you can erase it if its silence or slow. Silencega, Dispelga, and Slowga all drop shadows so try to save recasts until after he casts one. Dispelga dispels Yonin and Drain Samba II so save until after he does a spell. Curing Waltz II is better for healing than Drain samba because of this. Kurayami: Ni, Hojo: Ni, and Jubaku: Ni always landed (271 Ninjutsu skill). He hit me 3 or 4 times for ~100 dmg + ~75 dmg from enspell. Overall easier and less risk than an Ungur place holder, though longer. Shumanfoo 29Dec2009.
  • Can be successfully paralyzed by a well equipped RDM or BLM.
  • All ninjutsu debuffs landed well without any resists from a 75 Nin with capped, +1 merit ninjutsu (271).
  • Very Easily Duoed by a 75RDM/WHM and a 75DRG/SAM - RDM had no problem with Paralyze, Dia, Gravity etc...Light Blade hit the DRG for about 60 without Third Eye up.
  • Soloed with some difficulty by DNC/NIN starting with Saber Dance after 300 tp gained switch to fan dance tank mode.
  • Easily duoed by a BLU/NIN, and DRG/WHM.
  • Duo by RDM/WHM and NIN/WAR, with some difficulty. Required use of both Chainspell and Mijin Gakure. Only items used were Echo Drops.
  • Solo'd well from a 75 Nin/Dnc in full eva gear. Time 16 mins 3 seconds. Details in Testimonials.
  • Trio'd with moderate difficulty nin/war 2xsmn/whm, Kam'lanaut has really high accuracy. Jaisin/Immortalchaos/Boulder(Hades)
  • Duo'ed 75THf Eleeciam / 56 Whm Buddhagirl 13min Midgar
  • Duo'd 75 MNK/DNC 75 PLD/NIN. No 2 hours used, easy fight. Time = 7 Min 39 Secs. Treyenma & Leondimas of Lakshmi
  • Duo'd 75PLD/DNC + 75WAR/DNC. PLD had decent gear (Iron Ram 3/5) WAR equipped Adaman gear for split tanking due to Hate reset.

Light Blade did around 200-300 Dmg to PLD, 400-700 to WAR. Mainly focused on Cure Waltz's and Drain Samba's. Fight took about 18 minutes. [Avidon+Sooraya][Cerberus]

  • Trio with 75 SAM/NIN, RDM/BLM and PLD/DNC-- Fought straight up while Rdm enfeebled and dispelled every time it was available. SAM took two light blades, both for about 650 dmg. Easy fight, no problems. Attack food, all well geared. Good luck!! Robfire 17:10, June 19, 2010 (UTC)
  • 80BST/NIN just killed him solo using multiple rewards and dancing herbal broth jugs and the use of my 2hr --L3m0n4d3 06:40, September 7, 2010 (UTC)
  • 85Bst/Nin (full merits) Solo. Just did this. Entered, called MailbusterCetas, popped on ichi shadows and waited for call beast timer to cool down to 2 minutes (didn't need to but nice precaution). Inched forward toward steps till I was withing "fight" command range and sent pet. As soon as pet hit I knew it wasn't going to be much of a fight...first shot from Mailbuster was 200+ damage. I engaged with dual axes (woodville main, Juggernaut offhand) and my axe blows were ranging from 65 to 80 and crit hitting for 110ish. Used cursed sphere twice, 3 rampages for about 700 each. Had to use one pet food as pet tanked the whole fight. I think I took about 150 damage from aoe's...he spammed silencega and dispelga almost constantly so no way to keep shadows up regardless. Fight lasted less than 10 minutes. Enjoy! --[Joshua) September 25, 2010
  • Solo 90 RDM/BLU. Full merits, meh-gear. (Scorp Harness, Vorpal Sword, Combat Mittens +1... you get the picture). Full buff and Tavnazian Taco. Swapped Enspell IIs when his element matched mine. Kept Paralyze, Slow, and Blind up most of the fight; Paralyze took care of a number of spell casts, which made things nice and relaxing. With your wits about you, the only real danger is Silencega, as I found out when I wiped on my first try at 3% of Kam's health. Might want to bring a few Echo Drops just in case, but on my second try I found that Baraero was enough to prevent him from successfully landing the spell. Barsilence was up just in case, but was never necessary. Stay on your toes, watch your Stoneskin, and suffer the Slowga and you'll be fine. Rather fun, really. --Aedair - Phoenix - January 17th, 2011
  • Solo SMN90/WHM45: Not even close to a challenge. Reraise, Blink and Stoneskin, if you like, you won't even need them. Summoned Fenrir and kept using Eclipse Bite. Stay out of AoE range (not that it does damage anyway, and as a mage you should always be carrying Echo drops). Fenrir will die around 15% or so. Re-summoned Garuda, and Predator Claws and a single melee attack finished him off.

--Aoisa 01:49, January 22, 2011 (UTC)

Light Blade

PLD75 with average DEF gear and Tavnazian Taco only took 492 from Light Blade. Rampart was not up. Seral 08:52, 7 October 2007 (UTC)

SMN solo?

Since only one mob can a smn 75 solo it... have not gotten to him yet but is there enough room to kit it with curby... —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Exzir (talkcontribs).

Don't know who put in the last post: I know a 75 SMN cannot solo it. I tried twice. Even brought a 75 RDM to duo instead of solo (it's safer). We both died. I was able to carby kite a little bit after the RDM died but after it slow'd me I couldn't get carby out fast enough to keep it up. I used Fenrir for the first 1/3 of his health before hate wipes on my pet followed by it still having hate on the rdm killed him. I can see 2 or 3 Summoners possibly killing it because even after hate wipes on my pet, since it was my pet apparently that made my hate go to 0 as well, carby still kept hate from me (I had even eclipse bite the NM before using carby). They would only need to carby spam the NM til it died. If they want they could all probably use leviathan and melee it, when it uses a -ga spell, just spring water away the debuff.--Chimeramage 07:09, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

Absorbed by Utsusemi

ZM8 Light Blade

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