Also drop Square of damascene cloth


Pretty straightforward fight followed the advice on the main page, MNK didn't focus much on keeping shadows up I (the WHM) just focused on keeping his HP maxed. First time we fought it MNK caught a 2100 Razor Fang that one shot him so I made sure to keep Regen III up and Cure whenever possible. MNK used Hundred Fists at about 35% just to be safe with his TP spam below 25%. Just be aware of his abilities, en-silence + TP moves etc. and also be ready to cast paralyna and should be no problem. --Iscaria 10:57, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

Soloable 90 NIN/DNC pretty straight forward fight, the only issues come in the last 25%. DNC stuns were unresisted on all attempts, A few meds may be needed in the last 25%.

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