Hello, I've completed Fire in the Hole, and I'm on Crossroads of Time and I don't get the cutscene when zoning to markets from ngusta in the past. If anyone knows why that might be, could you specify on the wiki itself or PM me? Thanks.

Same to me, my friend do the same quests together with me and he can get cutscene normally. Following the recommendation from lower list by talking with Blatherix and recieved Elixir then I can receive cutscene regularly. No need to talk with Entrance of Metalworks at all. Thank you. <Jenus, Titan Server, 11 APR 2009>

Hi, the wiki was helpfully changed to include talking to Start NPC: Klara Entrance to Metalworks (H-6) in Bastok Markets (S) to begin this quest.

Still nothing. Clicking on the Entrance just says it is locked. I meet all the requirements. the previous quest is in my completed list and Crossroads of Time is my current mission. It has been months since I completed Fire in the Hole.

It seems that it may be one real world day required after completing "Fire in the Hole", rather than one game day.

I had the same problem with getting the mission, too. Then I spoke with Blatherix (he gave me an elixer), and the next time I zoned in I got the mission.

That did it for me also.

Confirmed you do not need to wait until JP midnight after Fire in the Hole to start this quest. --Onyxium 21:03, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

Game crash

One of the cutscenes made my game crash twice already, while using windower. It's the cutscene with Gentle Tiger, after talking to the 3 other NPC's. The game crashed at the beginning of the cutscene, after the NPC's first or second phrase. I passed the cutscene without trouble without Windower.