• Duoed by 49 RDM/NIN and 48 THF/MNK, soloed by 54 RDM/BLM, soloed by 55 PLD/DNC, soloed by 70 SCH/WHM using Earth Crusher to kill links while targeting main mob.
  • Easily soloed by a level 60 Thief/Ninja with bloody bolts, shell/protect III and perfect dodge (only because of link), waterga II only did 36 damage.
  • Easily soloed by a level 66 Sch/Blm, making excessive use of Aspir and Drain and using river to erase hate from linked mobs. Occasionally switched to Light Arts to use Cure IV. Fight took about 15 minutes.
  • Can be soloed by a 44RDM/BLM using the river to erase hate after layering Bio II/Shock. The fight takes approximately 1-1 1/2 hours.
  • Soloed easily by PLD69/DNC36
  • Duoed by a 53 RDM/WHM and a 52 BLU/DNC with no trouble at all, and plenty of MP left over after the battle.