For the first trial, I assumed that everybody gets Chocobo-chicks since they talk about them later in the cutscene. For the second trial, I tried trading Goblin Armor and then a Yagudo Necklace and they weren't accepted. This led me to beleive that only the Aht Urhgan beastmen will work for this section.
Also for the third trial, I wasn't sure if everybody gets the same questions. If the questions are indeed standard, then they should be listed with the answers on the walkthrough I suppose. My questions were as follows:

  1. What is Article 2 of the mercenary assessment criteria?
  2. I'm sure you remember the "Dark Rider." How did President Naja describe the rider's mount?
  3. This will test your knowledge of crystal compass manufacture! What is the name of the place where mythralline liquid can be found?
  4. Think back to the Qiqirn perfumer that once visited Salaheem's Sentinels! What kind of company did she think Salaheem's Sentinels was?
  5. Going back to the Qiqirn perfumer. What was the name of the fragrance she created?
  6. Surely you have a place in your heart for the three subordinates you were in charge of training? What was the name of the one who always stood in the middle?
  7. What is the name of the weapon-devouring affliction that sent Abquhbah running to you for help?
  8. Abquhbah first noticed the problem with the morning star completely by accident when he tripped and fell.

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