• Did this easily with BLM/RDMx2, RDM/WHM, DRK/NIN and DRG/NIN. RDMs should come /blm to assist nuking at start and switch to healing when the enemies are bombs/trolls. Mages when swarmed by enemies can lose HP fast. When the NM shows up just sleep any trolls that might be alive and concentrate on him. Used 2Hs for NM. BLMs were killed by being swarmed by mobs when NM was @20%. Might have been better if they killed the mobs that were coming to the room while the DDs focused on NM. --Lisamarie 01:36, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Did this with minor difficulties with rdm/whm whm/smn blu/nin drg/blu. The only difficulty came when the blu/nin died because they took multiple Fire IVs from bombs with no shadows up. Other than that we didn't have much trouble. Battle Dance from the drg/blu(me) could take the mobs out with 2 or 3 tries. As mentioned on the front page the higher level blu spells would one-shot them most of the time.

90+ Testimonials

Level 90: 1xMNK/DNC(dual-boxed), 1xBLU/NIN, 1xDNC/NIN(me). We moved around the entrances to the hallways and watched for the first wave. The BLU killed everything with AOE spells, and I helped, making sure nothing got by. We stationed the MNK at in the middle to watch for the dialogue of which tunnel would be next. We didn't take the time to hold the trolls; we just zerged everything. We got lucky that I was running through the middle when the boss came in, because we missed his entrance dialogue due to the log scrolling through quickly. He aggro'd me instead of the NPC and I took him down while the BLU finished off one of the tunnels. Fun Assault! Cumaea 15:29, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

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