Just fought this with my LS for the first time. Fought 3 times and wiped the first two times. We used that to figure out WTH to do since there was so little on the NM. -Fought and won with 7 people. Pld/nin Nin/dnc Cor/rdm Rdm/Sch Blm/rdm Whm/Blm Smn/Sch. Basically used the NIN to enfeeble and tank, PLD the same. -Tanks fought it at the edge of the bones and mages max distance towards the tunnel. -Use the BLM and whm/blm to stun Quake Blast under 50% and the SMN and BLM can do decent damage with Garuda. -When the tanks lose hate its good to have an avatar on it and semi kite it by the edge of the bones and around the pop area to the tunnel. -Mages need to be on point with stona/silena, it does sandblast quite a bit and petrify procs a decent amount.

Once we figured out what the NM was all about it wasn't a difficult fight, with using our stuns smart and using the range to kite when needed without going out of the battlefield. Just be happy you don't have to do it again after :D -Miyokonami Siren

  • Attempted this as 99DNC/WHM with standard i117 gear. Ended up getting wiped first time round due to Quake Blast and Gravitic horn, beat second time but past 50% HP had to save steps for stun, which ended up dragging the fight out longer. Won with ~300 HP due to a miss on stunning Gravitic Horn.
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