• Soloed with ease by BST71/WHM33. CC was taking ~44 damage, hitting for ~117.
  • Soloed by NIN75/DNC37. Nutcracker went down really fast, but he hit for around 40? with good accuracy and quite often.
  • Soloed easily as PLD75/RDM37. Got through stoneskin via requiem IV, dispelled a couple buffs via blank gaze.
  • Soloed easily by SMN75/WHM37 with Garuda's Predator Claws. Buffed stoneskin/blink/reraise before battle. Niktok 11:44, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
  • Soloed easily by BST75/WHM37. Be very careful to buff before battle, for me he spawned with en-paralyze and on hit the paralyze affect proc'd, of course my call pet was negated due to paralysis. Won eventually, but took a bit of close quarter kiting. Subsequent attempts were far easier due to him spawning with enthunder or such. Niktok 11:44, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
  • Soloed easily by 64DRG/BLU. Nutcracker had additional effect: Slow on his attacks. I used Healing Breath twice. - Ooka 19:53, 13 August 2009 (UTC)
  • Soloed easily as SAM/NIN, hit me for 44~67DMG.
  • Soloed easily as RDM/NIN should have come /BLM to warp home. Interestingly when I popped Nutcracker it seems to be immune to Enspell damage, I changed Enspams 3 times before it died and all came out at 0 dmg. Unsure which add effect it was using if any. Royal Knights belt +1 traded got it back with Fire+9

Possible Auguments

Traded Item Augments
Darksteel Codpiece AGI+1
Corsette +1 AGI-1, INT+1, CHR-1, Trans Water +8
Light Staff Trans Ice +15
Light Staff Resist Poison +1
Light Staff Magic Accuracy +1
Sun Ring AGI-1, MND-1, CHR+1, Trans Water+10
Sun Ring INT+1
Dark Staff HP -12, MP+12
Morion Earring HP+3 , MP-3 , Trans Earth+6
Melody Earring Magic Accuracy +1
Nereid Ring Mind -1, Charisma -1, Intelligence +1
Nereid Ring Mind +1, Charisma -1, Intelligence -1
Nereid Ring Mind -1, Charisma +1
Nereid Ring Charisma +1
Nereid Ring Mind +1, Agility +1
Nereid Ring Strength +2, Vitality -1, Agility -1, Trans Wind +9
Nereid Ring Charisma +2, Trans Water +9
Nereid Ring Trans Fire +10
Nereid Ring Trans Ice +9
Nereid Ring Trans Ice +12
Nereid Ring Strength +1, Trans Lightning +9
Elegant Ribbon Magic Attack Bonus +1, Ranged Accuracy +1
Sniper's Ring Trans Water +7
Spike Earring Vitality +1, Mind +1
Spike Earring Strength -1, Dexterity -1, Agility +1
Spike Earring Dexterity -1, Vitality -1, Agility +1, Mind +1
Royal Knight's Belt Strength -1, Dexterity -1, Vitality +1, Trans Lightning +10
Walkure Mask Trans Wind +7
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