Runes 004, 014 and 094

Went in with BLMx5 and RDMx1. RDM was there as a free ele seal sleep because we couldn't find a 6th BLM. Standard ele seal sleep rotation using timed T4's to bring him down. All BLMs used a Cream Puff. His regain effect means he'll have Whirl Claws ready to use every time he's woken by nukes which will hit a BLM for around 750 (recommended having a capped SS set to absorb 350 of that) Gravity landed without the aid of ele seal by a BLM with capped enfeeb skill, 4 enfeeb merits, Austere's+Wind Grip and +47 enfeeb skill set. We thought of spreading out in a circle to reduce the damage of AoE but this would cause the NM to run out of range of some casters and in the end cause much more damage. We got him down to about 10% and only had 2 BLMs left with RR on and decided to let the maze kick us.--Diabolos-Brian 20:42, October 17, 2009 (UTC)

Runes 004, 014, 020 and 094

Went in with BLMx6 and won with a few deaths. No Torque. Adding rune 020 made it much more manageable and Bind in addition to Gravity would land occasionally. Whirl Claws will likely interrupt people who do not cast right on time so keep everyone alert and ready. If you're not sleeping then throw a Stun to help stop his AoE.--Diabolos-Brian 21:10, October 17, 2009 (UTC)


Seem's Immune to Damage from a Thf and Mnk. Hits for 500+.

More likely the THF and MNK didn't have high enough attack against its defense. With Might/Supreme Might MMM NMs, hitting for 0 isn't uncommon for lighter DD jobs; they are hard!--Eremes 16:57, February 3, 2010 (UTC)

Just did again resists Rdm elemental seal sleep + blm sleep.

Correction can only sleep with Elemental seal, after intial damage is done on claim uses Whirl Claw with range of 20' hits for 800+.

Manaburn Strategy

Easily defeated with setup of 6 BLMs. With timed nuke volleys followed but Elemental Seal Sleep II, he can be defeated in 4-5 rounds. Altariel 06:27, February 22, 2010 (UTC)

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