We just tried this with NIN, THF, BLM, and WHM x3, total wipe twice in a row. First run we tried elemental seal sleepga, full resist. Repose with 297 divine was resisted too. We tried second run to sac pull, and have a thf fight a single elemental at a time, but the elementals seem to have party hate , because after the nin sac pulled , and the thief took 1 elemental, i simply cast Regen IV on the nin, and was aggroed by the yellow elemental immediately.

Elementals blocked Tier 5 spells down to 0 dmg. --Roamin 16:57, September 20, 2011 (UTC)

Did anyone try zerging the elemental according to its weakness? or try going 4 blms so each blm can nuke a different elemental weakness? Can you reraise and still fight?


There is no template: HKCNM. However, there IS a category page for HKCNMs. The link on the top of the page will correctly take the reader to more information about possible HKCNM adventures. I fixed the text discrepancy. Drew5252 19:00, October 17, 2011 (UTC)--.

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