Why did you remove 'detects resting'? There are some mobs that aggro to you when you are resting. A good example is Triple Bats. Many of them will not aggro to you normally, but will if you are resting. I use this to my advantage when PLing my friends subs in La Theine (the undercaves). --Chrisjander 11:07, 27 April 2006 (PDT)

As well as pretty much all gobs agro to resting...the resting agro is regardless of what level you are right? i was never quite sure on that, ut from my experience it seems to be true... Although I notice that somepage doesn't really mark anything as agroing to "resting", although they have the "R" column...so I wonder if they use that for something else? I dunno, it's always kinda confused me. But I agree that I think the "R" shuld stay on this template. I talk a lot... --Rixie--

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