Easy solo as lv60 THF/NIN with capped evasion and marksmanship. Started fight with 100% TP, a blind bolt before it agro'd, turned my back on the immediate mortal ray, then followed with an acid bolt and dancing edge for about 720 damage. I took less than 200 damage the whole fight, got doomed once while in the middle of a WS animation. Bloody bolts do work, I didn't try sleep bolts.

Guesstimated HP : 5-7,000

Stats :

1054 HP +44 evasion 60 + 3 STR 62 + 12 DEX 54 + 4 AGI

Rigsta - Sylph

Solo'd today as 58 RDM/BLM keeping Stoneskin Phalanx Aquaveil up and just DoTing it until death. Took a long time (I had to Convert twice) but was not hard and no chance of missing a ray and getting Doom. Ominouscloud 01:51, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

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