Found no Infos on wiki and tried myself and won. Only rune i could set on was rune019. Was running around and talk to goblins who gave me a few quests, firsti killed all mobs cause i didnt know what was going on and i saw my golbin get a lv-up, got him to lv33 and found requested item. (seems he cant die on training, got everytime a lvl-up when he was at 1% HP). Then i was going to the main-well and a 12 Possessed Weapons spawnd. i cant heal him or attack the weapons,just watch. He killed all with 10% HP left. after he killed last i was zoned out in front of the main-quest-giver, i talked to him and my hoardbox popped, found 23 marbles in it and a augmented belt, Goblin Cest CHR-3 ATK-3 and rune020, i had 6 trustpoints and the second chest popped, found 69 marbles in it and a second Goblin Cest with augment CHR+1, was well surprised lol Seshu 19:10, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

I've now done four runs of this (two on my tabula, two with a friend's), and it seems pretty interesting. First off, your Goblin can die, as I found out when I went in with Might and Supreme Might on and he was one-shotted by the first mob I saw, lol. You can't finish and get marbles once he's dead, apparently, but it doesn't kick you out or anything like that. Under normal circumstances, he seems to level too often to be in much danger. Anyway, we had a total of three wins. The first was with a level 5 all-rounder, and the reward was a fairly generic augmented level 40 belt called a Bugbear Cest (and another belt from the CC points). Then we won with a level 40 walloper, and got a level 60 belt (Goblin Cest) with STR-2, Accuracy +3, Attack+3. On my last run I had a level 55 spellcaster and got a level 75 belt (Moblin Cest) with INT-4, Magic Defense Bonus +1, and Fast Cast +1. While the augments have been less than impressive, it seems that both the level of the belt and the nature of the augments might be based on your Goblin's type and level. I also got rune 116, Spellslinger, on my run, but it may be a coincidence that I got that when I made a spellcaster. I look forward to trying it out tomorrow. --Talraen 01:54, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

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