Directions to Obtaining the Map

The chest key and the chest are only found in the uncapped Area 2, which is found by entering from Beaucedine Glacier @ (G-9), which is the area also used in A Reputation in Ruins quest. Every mob in the area can drop the chest key. All Treasure Chests you encounter, with the exception of one, can be a Treasure Chest (Monster), so beware. The Mimics have high defense, decent accuracy, and a very potent poison/stun/hate reset attack, Death Trap.
The chest key can drop from mobs in capped area, got one on our PM Spiral run. Zcecil 00:48, December 31, 2009 (UTC) Because the chest spawns occur behind doors requiring the Green Bracelet and Blue Bracelet, I'd suggest getting them as needed. Along this pathway, there are plenty of Treasure Chests but most will be mimics. I'd advise getting the key first and then testing the treasure chests one by one. By the time you finish the below directions, you will have been near every spawn point.

  • The Blue Bracelet is found by going up the stairs in the first room and clicking on the blue-glowing ??? and defeating the two Golems that spawn, then clicking the ??? again.
  • Go back down the stairs, go through the blue-glowing archway, and drop down the hole.
  • Find a green-glowing ??? and defeat the same 2 Golems again.
  • Go back to the upstairs area by going through a one-way wall, and head upstairs through the green-glowing archway.
  • Go to the Crystal Receptor, and click on it to open up the path to the un-mapped basement area.
  • Run back to the hole in the floor you passed, drop down and head up the stairs.
  • Take the elevator down to the basement. Be careful because you can find a Diremite Stalker or two that can aggro you at 75, if barely.
  • Don't use the glowing teleport pad if you didn't find the treasure chest, but check the other direction, which will dead-end but can contain the only Treasure Chest that is 100% not a mimic. The chest at the intersection is always a mimc, by the way.
  • This path will take you by ALL the possible spawn points for a Treasure Chest. If you didn't find it, you missed one.

--Ctownwoody 18:21, 15 November 2008 (UTC)

  • After running in circles and fighting about 10 mimics, I found the a chest behind the platform of the blue teleporter, and obtained my map. There was not a chest at the time on the opposite end, the "dead-dend". Wupnsomass 00:06, 11 August 2009 (UTC)Wup @ Sylph
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