Are these mobs sleep immune? Anybody have any info on debuffs they resist/are immune to?

We just triod a several of these up through normal as PLD/COR/BLU (avg ilvl 117+) The Blu had no trouble sticking dream flower repeatedly on all mobs as well as the COR sticking light shot consistently. We did the typical kill order of BLM>PLD>WAR>RNG. Also the Eagle Eye Shot is not a a guaranteed death. Blue took it on one of the fights and just put them in the red. Based on the classes we took obviously there wasnt a lot of debuffing. LiennaOfShiva (talk) 01:07, December 29, 2014 (UTC)

Normal Runs


Standard shit really, buff up at the start, paladin runs in and super tanks. BLM goes down first, RNG last. Mages need to stay out of range of Jamming Wave that these mobs like to spam, Echo Drops should be brought just in case. Most of our DDs where in sparks gear and normal runs where fine, need LOTS of ACC+ and need to swap from marches to madrigals if doing difficult. If you aren't paladin or monk, expect to die if the RNG hits Eagle Eye Shot on you.

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