• soloable by 75THF/37DNC using evasion setup; no use of bloody or acid bolts, however they are highly recommended. Difficult fight, but hp did not drop below yellow for the duration of the fight. Took approximately 15 minutes.
  • soloable by 75NIN with a healing support; also soloable by a 69PUP using Soulsoother head, also soloable by a SMN75 by sneak pulling, using Garuda and using Astral Flow to save MP. A 75PLD, RDM, and DRG can trio with ease. Easy soloable as 75THF/30DNC by building 300TP on the mobs around and sneak pulling
  • Soloed as 75NIN/WHM using moderate evasion setup, one of the easiest headstone fights in this mission.
  • Beaten by 75SAM/DRG and 75DRG/WHM, Dragoon had AF1 Helm for breath.
  • Ridiculously easy duo for 75 WHM/NIN and 75 DRG/RDM. Just pull and let the other despawn.
  • Duo-ed by BLM74/WHM37 and WAR69/SAM34. WAR built 300% tp on surrounding bats, then sneak pulled it to a safe distance and kept hate. BLM used Dia II, Poison II, Rhasp, Drown and Frost, than acted as a healer. Elemental seal + Silence failed. WAR used Hasso, Berserk, Agressor and Warcry before using Raging Rush. WAR had to use hi-potion+3 and wound up dying while the Legendary Weapon had a little health left. BLM used two tier III nukes to finish off the mob, then raised the WAR. Both then were then able to pick up the Fragment.
  • Easily Duo-ed with 75 SAM/NIN & 73 BRD/WHM. Had BRD do Melee songs before having SAM sneak pop the two weapons. While Sneak popping the BRD used Mages Ballad 1&2 for Erase and some cures if needed. (The weapons will spam Bio and Dia) Used a Ranged Weapon to pull the Legendary Weapon cause its the weaker of the two. SAM kept Utsusemi up most of the time and used Seigan & Third Eye when necessary.
  • In the first attempt SAM used Meditate and built 200 TP to Sekkanoki: Gekko + Kasha = Fusion. Then using 2 hour Meikyo Shisui with Yukkikaze + Gekko = Fragmentation + Kasha = Light skillchains. This killed the weapon so fast before the other on de-popped (two avoid having to fight two) Just using Sekkanoki with Gekko + Kasha then regular weaponskilling when TP arises the other de-popped before the fight was other. No problems.
  • Easily Duo'd by THF/NIN and RDM/NIN
  • Soloed quite handily lvl70 BST/WHM; Used Gaudy Harness + Rune Axe & BST AF. used 2 carries. 3 reward all on first carrie, it died when legendary weapon had about 10~15% hp remaining. Also used refresh from field manual.
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