• However, Monk at 7 with all capped skill(except guard) was horribly killed in 4-hit by it even with Hundred Fists.
  • Thief soloable at 8-9 with Perfect Dodge.
  • Warrior Soloable at level 10, with no support job using sword and shield. Putting this back in, I just did it on my Galka. Fought mobs in the area to gain a Daedalus Wing and one Antidote before hand. Engaded with 122% TP, used Mighty Strikes, WS, wing, WS and then melee'd it down. Antidote was unused and I finished the battle with ~30HP. 1/1... Albeniz 16:49, 9 August 2009 (UTC)
  • Soloable by Beastmaster at 11 with White Mage subjob. Possible with potions.
  • Soloable by a NIN16/WAR8 without any problem.
  • Killable at level 5 with PL healing you outside party. (boots @ 90% drop rate)
  • Killable by a level 10SCH/WHM5 with refresh form FoV used Water+stone+poison water brought her down to 85% stone then brought her down to 73% Poison whore off at 43% water+stone again brought her down to 20% used poison + water and she was dead.had 5cures and petrified me for 1 minute and i had 20 hp left.
  • Easily soloable by 85RDM/NIN. Kite/nuke method. LuthianKnightWing 01:53, November 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • I'm calling BS on the 85RDM/NIN solo. Lizzy has +75% running speed and is immune to gravity. SS or GTFO. Natica 23:35, December 11, 2010 (UTC)
  • Solod as WHM8/RDM4 Tarutaru wearing lv1 gear and Destrier Beret for some movement speed Refresh and Regen for 1/tic. Dia it and kite around fumaroles dodging goblins. User:Chevalios 8 february 2012 4:36 AM

Proof of quick spawn

Camping Lizzy

For further discussion of camping Leaping Lizzy, see the forums: [Bounding Boots]

There is way too much speculation, not enough proof of evidence to support most of these claims on how to surefire-spawn Leaping Lizzy. I spent the day following all these methods one by one, 4 times lizzy should have popped by each methos, and 1 time to 0 it actually spawned. Randomly killing 1 lizzie from each group spawned lizzie for me every almost 15 - 30 mins. Where are most of you gather your information on you 100% accuracy of lizzy behaviour? Because, sorry to tell you, I tried your methods and they seriously did not work.

I think the link listed above would be fine to add to the main page, at the end of the section outlining the 3 groups of 5 lizards, etc. I think it would be good to have it right there on the main page. So if you wanted to move it, I'm allin favor ^_^ --Rixie--

"When killing the placeholder from the first group, Leaping Lizzy will appear below the second group of 5 Rock Lizards in the Widescan list.

When killing the placeholder from the second group, Leaping Lizzy will appear below the first group of 5 Rock Lizards in the Widescan list. "

This is accurate.

This isn't the behavior all the time, but after going 0/15 on LL, I have seen this happen 3-4 times. Alamaxia 14:01, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

Seen it happen just now and was like wtf? http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a23/samster_90000/ll.jpg Lol 0/12 ; ; --Taruzard 22:59, October 24, 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, that is not accurate and so I've deleted it. I also deleted the comment about Leaping Lizzy being soloed by a level 10 WAR. That comment is frankly difficult to believe, but even if it is true, it only confuses the true difficulty of this mob. Basset 16:04, 15 February 2007 (EST)

This is what I got today

LL 0001.png

2nd time spotting him, first time claiming, he was at a weird spot, and I think someone was killing lizards, because LL didn't appear among a bunch of other lizards on the Wide Scan list.--Blindsushi 17:02, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

I don't really see what the image is supposed to tell us about, except for using unofficial, 3rd party software to play the game and being lucky? ;^^ --Sore wa sore, kore wa kore... 11:54, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

-- Sorry if I'm using Windower, it's been around forever and I'm not the only one using it. I use it for TParty and that's pretty much it, I don't use scripts, I don't bot, I don't cheat. I added the picture to give examples of where it appears on Wide Scan, and to show where it popped for me, not sure why you're crying about--Blindsushi 17:02, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

Hey, I'm not judging you and couldn't cry for you even if I wanted to, I could not care less how you play. I was merely asking what you were trying to tell with the picture see? :]
But yeah, it can spawn around there in a pretty wide area, not just where the maps show. --Sore wa sore, kore wa kore... 17:17, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

--S'all good, I was also trying to point out that the DAT maps aren't 100% accurate, they just give you a rough idea of where NMs can spawn, plus they don't have the newer NMs, these DATs are pretty old. --Blindsushi 17:36, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

  • See testimonials > I did this the other day, look below for method.

I don't see how the comment about the level 10 WAR is incorrect. The mob isn't level 14, it's level 10-11, and when using Mighty Strikes I find it would be entirely possible. I've beaten NMs of similar level (JEJ to be precise) as a Level 10 WHM, so I don't see how it's inconceivable for a WAR10 to kill lizzy with his 2hr. --Chrisjander 13:42, 16 February 2007 (EST)

Also, when I've camped Lizzy with Widescan, if you stand in the middle of the Lizzy spawn area, you see three separate groups of five lizards, but the first group is far to the east... this group maybe misleading for some. But otherwise the removed Widescan statements were not inaccurate. I can see how some people will have difficulty keeping track of where the location of mobs will be on Widescan especially after people kill all of the lizards or neighboring mobs on the list... but Lizzy does appear at the end of where the two groups of Lizards would be on the list. --Waluigi 15:00, 16 February 2007 (EST)

I don't think the exception should be stated as the norm (soloable at level 10). Level 15 is much more realistic. I watched a level 10 DRK attempt this the other day and he made it, with considerable healing and tanking support from a 30+ WHM. Nonetheless, Lizzy is stronger than JeG, and I fought JeG as a level 9 SMN: after killing carbuncle in about 8 seconds, he three-shotted me. I didn't even get him down to 95%. Regardless, I'd put alot of money on Lizzy in a one-on-one fight against a level 10 WAR. Basset 13:26, 23 February 2007 (EST)

This NM is a beast... and she's stingy as hell. I've personally been the only one there for around 3 days now. I've claimed her every single time she has popped. ( I know this because I have 3 characters stationed there ) Currently I'm 0/14 on the boots. Though I do not 100% disagree with the fact that she MAY have 2 PHs, and she MAY in fact have 2 separate spawns which COULD pop within minutes of each other.... So far, out of the 14 spawns I have claimed in a row, every single one of them has taken exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to the second. Literally, every single one. I've NEVER seen her spawn back to back, and I've definitely NEVER seen 3 spawns in an hour. Total, in my 5 year career of playing this game I am 0/27 on this mob, and I have spent countless hours here to no avail. There may be some differences in spawn times for others, but i've experienced no such thing. Also, as a coder, I can tell you there is probably 2 versions of this mob in the .dat files because she can spawn in 2 separate areas. Ie: East and West of the Rock Pillar. These 2 places on the map grid have 2 individual identities and thus would need 2 separate mobs to load. I can assure you, you will NEVER see 2 LLs up at the same time - even if you were to voke one and hold it for a week, it just wouldn't happen. It's there for game mechanic purposes, and nothing more. There are not 2 spawns, there is one spawn with 2 place holders. The .dats each refer to a region where she can spawn according to in-game hex coordinates... each of which have their own specific area that they cover. --Relicant 14:43, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

I agree with the above. Doesn't "Spawns 2" mean there could possibly be 2 Leaping Lizzy around simultaneously? Me thinks it should say 1. Just my thoughts~ -Sore wa sore, kore wa kore...

Dual Spawn Theory

I can tell you for a fact there is 2 leaping lizzy NM in the game and i have seen them spawn back to back where i killed one and someone else killed the other. Each of them while dead had 2 different ID tags and they were both killed by: 2 different people. I can confirm the exact PH for each of the leaping lizzy due to seeing and reading their ID's while in the game and also when it poped i allowed all other lizard to pop and w/e one didn't pop was obviously its place holder. i can also confirm that the top group of lizard has the PH for the bottom group leaping lizzy and the bottom group has the PH for the top leaping lizzy. long story short. i have hacks and can see EVERYTHING. or do i have hacks. what crazy guy just said all that. whats going on here. lololol. take that all you non believers in 2 leaping lizzy

Ok, I'm gonna clear this up. There are two seperate Leaping Lizzys. Proof? Open Apradar, and there are two entirely seperate points of death, indicating two entirely seperate mobs both with the same name Leaping Lizzy. That's all the proof needed for this discussion. --Garadante 06:06, December 20, 2009 (UTC)

I'm having a hard time making heads-or-tails out of what everyone's saying, but I can confirm seeing this layout on widescan earlier if anyone would like to interpret it:

Group 1:
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Leaping Lizzy

Group 2:
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard

...by which I mean that both groups had five lizards in it. The 5th Rock Lizard popped BEFORE Leaping Lizzy. 20:10, 17 April 2009 (UTC)

EDIT: On Widescan (at this very moment) BOTH GROUPS have FIVE lizards! There are definitely two placeholders. Ninetales T/CBlog 20:11, 17 April 2009 (UTC)

I'm going to have to further support the dual spawn theory. Just now, I've been camping Good ol' Lizzy all night... I've been using the place holder theory listed on the main page. That is, the place holders are the last on the list of 5 lizards... Two place holders in total, with two groups. I kept killing them over and over and finally Lizzie popped. She popped to the west of the mountain thing after I killed the east of the mountain PH. No drop so I stayed. Then I immediately killed the PH to the west of the mountain and five minutes later she popped again to the east of the mountain! --ReachForTheMoon 10:35, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

Packet tracking proved this true today. There are 2 different IDs for Leaping Lizzy. This changes the entire spawn time and type. Working on the buffer between the two popping after , weather they can both be spawned at once. --demonwhisper 04:58, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

True lotto

I've seen lizzy pop 8 times back to back. Its not a 2hr timer. Its true lottery. Anytime the PH would spawn the NM can spawn. --1.quos.vita.habitum.captivus 22:54, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

By 8 times back to back, do you mean in the span of about 30 minutes or as in killed back to back on 8 separate occasions? 8 separate occasions is entirely possible. I've done it myself once on the one occasion I camped her for more than one pop. --Claquesous 06:33, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

P.S. The claim is that every other LL pop is on a 60-90 minute timer. Back to back pops can come in under five minutes. --Claquesous 06:45, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

1 camping session. Nobody else around. Got the place to myself (yay!). 8 LL, no placeholder repop between, LL just repopped. 8 times. Then on pop 9 PH and not LL. Even if there is more than 1 PH, there is no way you'd see 8 repops back to back with a 2 hrs timer involved. When it takes a long time before the next LL pop, its just bad luck. When she pops again real fast, its just good luck. --1.quos.vita.habitum.captivus 11:10, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

This is most definitely a true lotto. I've seen it pop 3 times in 20-30 minutes. What I've also noticed that yes it can pop either amongst the east group of lizards or in the west group, it seems to alternate between the two; ie, if it pops on the east side of the pillar, the next spawn will be on the west side, and so on. I'm pretty sure this is true, been camping it for days now, got claim 5 times today alone, still no drop tho :/ - Redex 23:34, 1 May 2008 (UTC)

Just got my boots. Saw Lizzy 6 times within a 2 hour period. One time she popped 2x in a row (5 minutes apart exactly). I followed the PH very closely and Lizzy was always right on target. (FTR, I went 1/6 on boots drop and added this into the drop rate template). --Impax 06:19, 28 May 2008 (UTC) it took 2 hours for Leaping Lizzy to spawned killed it no drop,it spawned straight after when next rock lizard was pose to be no drop 30 minutes later it spawned again for some weird reason and i get drop ^^ 1/29

  • A week ago I killed LL when no others were around camping. I did NOT kill any rock lizards, just waited for it to spawn. IMMEDIATELY after it died, another LL spawned in the same spot as the original. 2 maybe 3 seconds passed before this occured. Very strange situation. However I am still 0/129 on LL. I don't believe that it actually drops the boots. -- Emitremmus 21:19, June 8, 2010 (UTC)

Maximum Time Theory

Word on Remora is that Leaping Lizzy will Autospawn if he hasn't spawned within 4 hours of his last spawn. Since this is difficult to prove, I'm just going to make a note of this rumor here on the discussion forum.

While likely not something to ponder about, I felt I should make a note of it, in case someone can prove or disprove this rumor.


I think this would be almost impossible to prove because you'd have to prevent anyone from killing the PH for four hours which would probably require breaking the ToS. --Claquesous 06:46, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

Quite a few occasions I've been the only camper for up to 5 hrs. But resisting that "theres the PH kill kill kill!!" impulse would be hard. And after several years I finally have my boots, so I'm out. --1.quos.vita.habitum.captivus 11:35, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

A long time ago, I widescanned and pulled all 10 lizards within' Leaping Lizzy's widescan groups to a corner near Dangruf Wadi as RNG/WHM. I sat there unnoticed by anyone for hours, and guess what NM eventually showed up on widescan? Leaping Lizzy, as an 11th lizard. I am positive that the 10 lizards I pulled were two sets of five that occupy Leaping Lizzy's group. Furthermore, I carried out another experiment sometime later. I spawned Leaping Lizzy while killing other lizards, then held Leaping Lizzy and watched widescan. All 10 lizards eventually respawned without having to first kill Leaping Lizzy. Now, I have found several times that killing the supposed placeholders for Leaping Lizzy will spawn it 5-5.5min after they die, which suggests a placeholder. However, as stated above, I've watched it pop while no placeholders or similarly grouped lizards were killed at all. Years ago, I occasionally camped this NM w/ no other players around. I never killed lizards, only spammed widescan and somehow Leaping Lizzy always spawned. --Pahya Remora 08:14, November 18, 2009 (UTC)

About the potential edit war

http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Special:ProblemReports/6646 (I didn't make the problem report, just posted my comments to it) --1.quos.vita.habitum.captivus 05:08, 8 February 2008 (UTC)

I'm not gonna change the article anways. But we should change the line saying "After killing Leaping Lizzy in one area she may be the next pop in the other area meaning she can spawn twice in a short span of even 25 minutes." into "... in a short span of even 10 minutes." since that is the respawn time for Lizzards. Of course, without graphical proof my statement can as easily be discarded by claiming that i'm a liar. Just saying, if there are not 2 LLs, there is at least the chance it spawns again after 10 Minutes. Although I dont have a screenshot, I have the log file of that day. [21:49:33]Paffo defeats Leaping Lizzy.? [22:03:10]Elvaron hits Leaping Lizzy for 92 points of damage. That doesn't prove Dual Spawn Theory, it just proves that it can spawn within Lizzard Respawn Time. Meaning after LL dead, killing next Place Holder can once again spawn LL, so 10 Minutes is probably the lowest amount of time between 2 LL spawns unless Dual Spawn is true. I also deleted my previous statements because they were partly incorrect. --Elvaron 15:56, 8 February 2008 (UTC)?0

Witnessed Leaping Lizzy Pop 3 times within an hour time-frame.
11:45~ AM CST, 12:00~ PM & 12:25 PM, & Another 1:04PM
March 22nd, 2008 3rd Died Windsday/Full Moon 93% (Pandemonium)
I am possitive now to the theory that it could very well be a "True Lottery" pop.

    • Note: The .dat files do list two seperate Leaping Lizzy's and two seperate placeholders. Many have stated as above that there is not two but only one placeholder, but the .dat files show differently. As such, it is much more likely that there are actually two placeholders and two Leaping Lizzy's, but they pop off of each other and therefore are never up at the same time.

Simply put, there's an easy way to prove whether there's more than one placeholder. If there's only one placeholder but two places it can spawn then the NM could spawn in either place or even within say the east or west grouping and still have all 5 lizards up in that group. This has not happened. If LL were a true lottery spawn with one placeholder he could spawn multiple times within an hour (again, true lottery) and spawn with any group regardless of numbering. No one has ever seen Leaping Lizzy spawn three times within an hour period. That would denote true lottery. Therefore, LL has two placeholders and is not lottery but set within a timed 1-8 hours period. That said, the NM itself has never been seen up at the same time as its double, so they must have coordinating windows, one can't pop while the other is up.

    • Confirmation of spawning!!**

Along with thee recently witnessed 3 within an hour, watched LL spawn in open bottom group spawn when PH time was up on top group. Top group PH did not spawn. No one was paying attention, so I waited for 5 full minutes and LL stayed up in second groups 5th spot meanwhile the 5th spot on the top group stayed empty. Couple that with the "True Lottery" idea and that means that LL can spawn in either groups 5th spot if that spot is open, but only if the PH, the first groups 5th lizard, has been killed. The final confirmation for this would require that one hunt LL by killing the 5th lizard in the bottom group only and the 5th lizard for the top group stay unkilled. Hunt it like that for something like 8-12 hours with no LL spawn and it's 100% confirmed. However, as it stands it's highly likely that this is the case.

OMG people, there is only 1 PH, I can care less what the damn dats say, i have camped this NM over and over, and only pops from the ONE mob. Why dont u go try it yourself instead of assume there is 2 because of what the dats say.Jhromada 05:57, 29 August 2008 (UTC)

Considering the .dats are what make up the game, I think they're a rather reliable source. --Azulmagia 12:25, 5 September 2008 (UTC)

Popped it 5 times today, Eastern group PH only, but LL spawned at the bottom of both groups randomly. Nobody else was killing lizards. It also spawned twice in a row - the PH failed to appear at scheduled time after an LL kill - then another LL appeared a few minutes (possibly 5) later. Tonyleung 02:32, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

My Thoughts / Input / Experience

I've popped Leaping Lizzy 7 times today (Thanksgiving night, 2008), there has been MINIMAL activity in South Gustaberg, and I've kept really good track of the lizards. I'll give you some of the facts and what I've deduced from them... For information - I'm using a clock with a second hand and recording the exact time that the place holder in the west and east camps are killed each time. (I know, I have no life...)

First, I've noticed (using widescan) that on one occasion, when the placeholder was due to spawn in the east camp, Leaping Lizzy spawned in the west camp (at nearly the exact time the placeholder was supposed to spawn in the east camp), when the placeholder for the west camp was NOT due to be up for another 2 minutes. Also, when this happened, the placeholder in the East did not respawn for 5 minutes after Leaping Lizzy died. I thought this was a mistake by me, but it happened again, 3 pops later, but this time, the place holder was due to spawn in the west camp, and Leaping Lizzy spawned in the east camp. In both these cases, the place holder at the opposite camp was down. So, my conclusion is this - when Leaping Lizzy is due to spawn in place of the place holder, it can spawn in the opposite camp IF that place holder is down.

Second, I've read people stating that they've killed Leaping Lizzy three times in 1 hour, and I too have done this - with no apparent changes. However, today, I killed Leaping Lizzy twice in 14 minutes, (which people have also done) first in the east camp, then in the west camp. Upon killing the second Leaping Lizzy, I noticed this - Neither of the camps spawned a 5th lizard for another 30 minutes. I checked plenty of times, and there wasn't anybody killing lizards. I checked every 15 seconds or so for that half hour, with no 5th lizard spawn. Then, simultaneously, a 5th lizard spawned at BOTH camps - this corresponded to 45 minutes plus or minus a minute from the time that I killed the first Leaping Lizzy. This happened a second time, but this time, I killed a lizard spawned from the placeholder in the West camp first, then the east camp, 28 minutes apart. Upon doing so, there was again about 17 minutes during which a 5th lizard did NOT spawn at either camp. My deduction is this - if Leaping Lizzy has spawned from a placeholder in both camps (I believe what matters is not WHERE the Leaping Lizzy spawns, but which placeholder it spawns from [Keeping in mind that I am 99% sure that placeholders can spawn a Leaping Lizzy in the opposite camp]) within 45 minutes, Leaping Lizzy cannot respawn, so in order to prevent this, the place holders are not even dropped. This both supports and destroys the idea of a "True lottery" for Leaping Lizzy. If my thought is correct, it is a true lottery IF the place holders are up, but there is also a built in pop time.

One final note: I just killed Leaping Lizzy twice in 23 minutes, both spawned from the East camp, and the place holders continued to spawn. So apparently, my thought only works if Leaping Lizzy is killed that is spawned from a placeholder in the East and West camp. Otherwise, it is not affected - or else the other two occurrences were flukes - which I HIGHLY doubt.

(Currently have 10 Leaping Lizzy kills and zero boots to show for it...) -Immmatinyman of Asura on 11/28/08 at 12:50 AM.

I did it on a mule. Saw 3 spawns in the east camp, 1 in the north camp, and zero in the west camp. Claimed 3 of them and have zero drops to show for it. Ayrlie 11:06, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

Nyzul Isle

I would think its quite possible that all the "double" NM files that a lot of you are finding are the same named NM's in Nyzul Isle.


DATs are by zone, Leaping Lizzy dats for Nyzul Isle are contained in the Nyzul Isle zone. Nekura 16:35, 4 June 2008 (UTC)


Also, Thsi dat file was around years beforeNyzul was even created, I have seen it myself with a mob reader. Rinnsi 01:26, 22 August 2008 (UTC) Rinnsi

  • it IS possible for LL to pop as a 6th lizard in either of the first 2 groups of 5 when its PH is due to repop have personally seen it do this twice first time was on 1/10/09 might be a recent change.
  • I've noticed that happen twice on 1/26/09, while the fifth lizard was still on the respawn (according to Sharpshot and Sekkanoki timers, approx. 1:35 until next respawn). I wouldn't quite say it's the new norm for Lizzy's spawn patterns, but I suppose it requires more observation.

LL has two spawn positions, but only one can be active at once. Based on the testimonials above, it would appear that the placeholders can trigger either LL spwan.--Anthoron T/ C 04:49, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

Leaping Lizzy will be slightly larger than the surrounding Rock Lizards.

...Isnt that true with almost EVERY NM? <.< --Taruzard 15:41, October 24, 2009 (UTC)

True for a lot, not all. In fact, most of the newly added NMs are the same size as regular mobs. I think the point is that you can often tell from a distance if it's Lizzy just by the size (Bugbear Strongman is a good example). Ninetales T/CBlog 05:35, December 4, 2009 (UTC)

2 NMs, but only 1 PH

This was not difficult to test at all.

Make sure you're the only person anywhere near the LL camp. Simply kill the 5th lizard on each side a couple of minutes apart from eachother, and keep killing each side as it repops (every 5 minutes +/- a few seconds). Keep track of both "PH" lizard pop times. When LL pops, check to see which lizard's repop time matches, and hold her for atleast 5 minutes, then see what your wide scan list looks like. The PH mob can't repop until the NM has been defeated + 5 minutes repop time. Kill the NM, kill no other lizards, then wait around 5 minutes to see which mob repops.

There are definitely 2 NMs, as we know from .DATs, but that doesn't tell you anything about which mobs are their PH.

I camped LL for one evening in January 2009 and went 1/5. While camping the last two pops there was no one nearby, and I found out for definite which mobs are a PH.
There are 5 Rock Lizards on East, 5 Rock Lizards on West. There is only 1 PH, the 5th lizard on the East side (probably including LL herself, but maybe only the East side LL)


Attempt 0/4 ~ TOD = 21:51, 29 Jan 2009

LL pops on East side - 5 minutes after killing 5th Rock Lizard on the East side.
5th Rock Lizard on west repops a minute or two later, giving this list...

Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Leaping Lizzy
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard

Held LL a few more minutes then killed. Lizard Tail. :(
Waited 5 mins and the 5th Rock Lizard on East side repoped.


Attempt 1/5 ~ TOD = 22:32, 29 Jan 2009 (LL popped around 35 minutes after East side LL TOD)

LL pops on West side - 5 minutes after killing 5th Rock Lizard on the East side.
At this point LL is the 5th lizard on the west side list. A couple of minutes later the 5th Rock Lizard on the West side repops, giving this list...

Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Leaping Lizzy

After making sure I'd held LL for easily over 5 minutes, I killed her and got my boots!
I waited around for 5 more mins, and sure enough - the 5th Rock Lizard on East side finally came back.

--Mougurijin 05:44, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

  • Keep in mind that a PH is still a normal monster and will ALWAYS repop. Its the data behind the monster that makes it a placeholder. 'Once conditions are met' => send data to pop NM etc. So your test on 'It always repopped when I held the mob' doesn't make it a test at all. There are 2 monster slots there, a monster is supposed to pop. If the data was sent then it will be LL if not, it will be a RL. Both groups have a set of 5 lizards as stated on the main page. LL will replace the PH on the list on widescan once popped.

Yes, I understand this. The fact the PH is a normal mob that always repops or pops it's NM instead is the whole basis behind my test... And yes, as I stated in my own post I know there are 5 RL on each side.
Sorry, but I really don't understand what you are trying to explain to me.

"LL will replace the PH on the list on widescan once popped."

If you are trying to say the NM takes the exact same spot on the wide scan list where the PH RL would be... please look at my two complete widescan list for both sides.
Also, take example Valkurm Emperor - his PH is the 1st Damselfly on wide scan of the four in the group, but the NM appears underneath the three non-PH Damselfly when it pops.
I'm not sure you mean that at all, but I don't see what else you could be trying to point out.

Also, if the main page is correct, I see no reason why both LL can't be up at the same time, whereas the system I mentioned covers why it can't happen.

  • This is possible if other monsters that divide the groups were killed, thus merging 2 groups of RL together on WS.

And I'd really like to see a screenshot with 5 RL plus Leaping Lizzy in the East side group - like the previous screenshot on this talk page, which shows a full wide scan list for when LL pops in the West side group. This should be possible to do if the main page is correct... --Mougurijin 15:39, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

What I am saying is that lizards load 'monster slots' and when the PH is killed the NM has a chance to load in the spot. But only the spot of the PH vs any other Lizard vs. that of other mobs.
Slot1 - NQ
Slot2 - NQ
Slot3 - NQ
Slot4 - NQ
Slot5 - NQ/NM
Once the NQ lizard is killed and the conditions for LL are ready, then there is a chance that it can load.
You said that you would hold the 'PH' for and widescan to see if the other poped. YES it will always repop regardless, it has too. I don't see the point in even posting that 'oh i waiting to see if the other would repop that's not a test, its commonsense each monster slot will be filled when the timer has reset. So saying that you waited is something that everyone knew years ago.
Waiting for the 'second' PH to pop was a waste of your time, sorry. A 'PH' is a normal mob that transmit's information to the server to pop an NM. It is still a normal monster and once the timer has reset the slot must be filled.

The main page now says 2 LL spawns because there are two different IDs. This means that there are two different monster that are LL. Meaning that yes, unless there is a specific condition that will prevent both LLs from popping, they can both be up. --Demonwhisper

Sorry, I don't really understand your slot 1-5 description. How does that work with my "attempt 1/5" wide scan list which has 5 NQ + 1 NM on the west side for example.
The other various mobs dividing the two groups of lizards were up at all times. Neither I nor anyone else was killing any other mobs in wide scan range. Only the two so-called "PH" Rock Lizards were being killed.


You said that you would hold the 'PH' for and widescan to see if the other poped. YES it will always repop regardless, it has too.

I never said a thing about holding a PH. I held each Leaping Lizzy for 5 minutes. (The first couple of mins to watch the West "PH" respawn... the remaining duration to show that the 5th Rock Lizard on East side, the only real PH, would never come back while either side NM was up, because as it is the PH it cannot repop until 5 minutes after the NM dies.)

As for the "specific condition that will prevent both LLs from popping", the main page states that the 5th rock lizard on each side pops the NM for the opposite side.
If LL pops on the East side in "Slot 5" like in my "attempt 0/4", then according to the main page I'd need to kill that Leaping Lizzy (as she's the 5th lizard) to pop the NM for the other side. --Mougurijin 21:02, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

More Spawn Talk

There are 2 Leaping Lizzy NM in the game, and this is exactly how it works. On widescan, there are 2 groups of 5 lizards in the E-8 F-8 area. It looks as follows:

Top Group

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard <<<---- Place Holder for Bottom group Leaping Lizzy

Bottom Group

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard <<<---- Place Holder for Top group Leaping Lizzy

When you kill the top group PH, a Leaping Lizzy will spawn with the bottom group of lizards and vise versa.

If this is really the case, could someone please upload a screenshot of a widescan that shows 5x Rock Lizard + Leaping Lizzy on the east side. The only time I saw this happen was for the west side...
The only screenshot on this talk page shows this happening on the west side also.
Each time for me where she popped on the east side there were always 5x Rock Lizard on west, and 4x Rock Lizard + Leaping Lizzy on east, which would make sense if there is only one PH which is on the east side.--Mougurijin 14:26, March 13, 2010 (UTC)


ONLY 1 PLACEHOLDER, anyone who wants to test this and claim otherwise can spend days camping leaping lizzy with me and i'll prove it. The confusion comes from the fact that Leaping lizzy can spawn in two different spots on widescan, but it still comes from the same placeholder.

I used to camp leaping lizzy for money before the boots became rare/ex, after that i camped it for multiple people over the years, and multiple characters that i had created, then when i seen on wiki it claimed to have 2 placeholders i just camped it to prove that there is 1 only.

Another thing that confuses people (idk why) is that Leaping Lizzy can spawn back to back.. Meaning you kill LL, then the next pop is LL again and not PH, completely lottery spawn.

Really the easiest way to prove this is just go kill ONLY the bottom group of 5 lizards(which doesn't have the PH in it, but people claim it does), for hours, or days, and you'll never see LL spawn.

Not really sure why i care so much about this NM as it's useless now, but i used to hunt it for gil and then for sport it became pretty fun and was thrilling back when others would camp it and you had competition.

So anyway, the only PH, is the in the first group of 5 lizards, and it's the bottom lizard.

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