Timed Pop

me and a buddy decided to check on this one day and see if we could take it. ran there as smn x2. it was sitting there up South of the lake. it completely destroyed us as smn x2. killed avatars in maybe 5 hits, and they only took him to about 95% with pacts and all. the endrain was keeping him up while the avatars hit for little, so we wiped and gave up. Came here again last night and it was sitting here up. This time we tried as DNC x2 WHM NIN THF. The normal hits were not the problem, it has regain and ONLY uses bad breath, which eventually wiped us all out. So we got a brd to come and i switched to cor for a setup of DNC NIN THF BRD COR WHM. our plan was the Charybdis plan, eva tank it. The thf got killed within 30 seconds by bad breath. But the nin tanked the rest of the fight no problem and his nin debuffs were sticking (slow and para). Now i edited and put that it is a timed pop because i left my char on overnight there, not a single morbol was killed and it was up when i woke up. 0/1 TH4 edit: 1/2 =D dropped with TH3 -Tidusblitz, Alexander

Tough o.o

We were having a manaburn at the tiger camp when we came across this one. We decided to have a go at it with 6 black mages, one lvl 74, 72, 72, 67, 65 and 61. 5 highest level black mages opened with elemental seal flare, while the sixth stood by with elemental seal sleep at the ready. Flares took roughly 15% of it's hp, and we're now certain it's imune to sleep. Didn't even live long enough after p'ing it off to test gravity or bind, and decided to wisely leave it alone after reraises. --Findanniin 14:55, November 16, 2009 (UTC)

Obviously tough, I tryed solo it for fun/test as whm75/nin37, after full buff utsu etc never missed me, (ok whm eva is shitty). Test reveal that it have a perma endrain. was hitting me for 300dmg and endrain was getting 29 hp every hit. I die too fast to even see a bad breath, but like all malboro family it have a double attack with somehow good rate. --Alistaire 17:25 Nov 17 2009 on Unicorn

Completely resistant to Gravity and bind. Had 311 enfeebling and couldn't land it at all. If plan to kite you'll need 8-12% movement speed as this moves pretty fast; don't let the size fool you. Tried with rdm/nin 75, rdm/whm 72, and 2 blm/rdm 75. I would also say this has ~18900-19000HP considering 1975dmg took it down to 88%. The blm's landed unresisted AMII for 1035 with decent gear, but also had up to 1/2 resist. --Kerayu 3:29, December 12, 2009

Solo'd as SCH75/NIN37 with desert boots. Kited around the lake it spawns near, being careful to avoid agro as the surrounding mobs agro but don't link with NM. Geohelix landed for around 100 dmg each time without food or Ebullience but very good helix gear + merits. I drained as recast was up to speed up the fight and keep HP up. Fight took a little over 30 minutes. --Logik- Bismarck

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