What was written on there about the NM was a spoiler, and not necessary in fighting him. Sorry to whomever wrote it. -Jackofhearts

We have {{spoiler}} tags if needed.

When this was a spoiler, i can tag evrything with spoil; every npc(Zeid: former Musketeer, Prishe: abhorrent one). This is a wikipedia and not a somepage.database with raw (and wrong) data. But OK here you are. In my opinion spoiling is when i had written, what Jazaarat actually said, how he reacted and what the CS shows. Even a picture can be a spoiler, because you see, what you fight, but not a small introduction sentence. When you fight him, you actually know what you fight more or less through Pyopyroons CS anyways.

A spoiler really only pertains to storyline information. Saying that Curilla is Captain of the Temple Knights in Southern San d'Oria, is used in a quest or involved in a mission, are not spoilers. Mentioning her relations with the various other royalty that is seen only in mission/quest cutscenes is a spoiler. --Chrisjander 08:28, 11 September 2006 (EDT)

80% Critical hit rate?

This information doesn't seem to be accurate at all. While Jazaraat's attack seems to vary somewhat greatly (going from 10-300 on a well equipped 73 PLD) his critical rate showed to be average compared to most monsters of his level. Can anyone else verify/double check that the 80% critical rate is incorrect before I remove it from the page?

I would not go so far as to say he has 80% but around 60% for sure. I was a 75pld/nin and he ate through my shadows easily. I tried with dual weapon DD strategy at first, but when i saw how easily he was eating my shadows i changed to a defence setup. I had koenig hands and head, adaman body, gallent feet, blood cuisses, mach +1, koenig shield.

He did on average 40-70 dmg per hit but every 2nd or 3rd hit or so was a critical from 133-250 according to my logs. I got him down 25%, i feel kinda ashamed because some people thought this was so easy. Well, not for me !!!

Sati , ragnarok,

9 out of 11 hits were criticals on a PLD75/NIN.


In my experience with Jazaraat, I as a RDM 70 with a BST 75 were able to pull of the fight. I used gravity , Paralyze, Slow, Bio II, Bind, Choke and a host of other spells to wear it worked out nicely for us. Because we do not all have the same stats and gear, all of my magic is maxed out. Before approaching this monster, you should make sure all of your essential spells are maxed, if you are going to duo with only 1 other person. He does hit very hard and he loves to cast a lot of spells. You will not be able to sleep him. He will most certainly resist it. I have not done this with any other jobs other than a BST, therefore I am unaware of a NIN and WHM. However, NIN has been known for it's ability to wipe out an enemy.


Heavenly —The preceding unsigned comment was added by RDMSOx (talkcontribs).

Easy solo by 75DNC/NIN with some merits 300%TP & 5 Finishing moves to start, just have to slowly chip away at him with daggers, he has a ton of HP. My evasion was uncapped and I had a total of +23 eva from gear, he missed most of the time but does take off enough shadows to have to cast them often. Violent Flourish works well when you need to recast ichi. Hi-chu 02:10, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

Soloable by 70 BST/NIN using Marsh Murre and Leeches around the area. (Pop out CourierCarrie about half way to transfer hate to your pet from casting shadows). —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Juxtapose (talkcontribs).

Solod easily by 75 BST/NIN using Marsh Murre around the area and CourierCarrie (not needed but for faster kills). Probably easy solo for BST 65 using the Marsh Murre. Marsh Murre last around 2 mins and CourierCarrie for around 3 mins. Marsh Murre took 140-180 damage and hit the NM for 45-65. CourierCarrie took 90-120 damage and hit the NM for 60-80. Pet food would make it last even longer, but I use it sparingly since i didn't see the need for it. I use 3 Marsh Murre and 4 CourierCarrie, again using pet food will probably make for less swaps. {trungdinh1983}

solod it as nin/rdm, expecting a somewhat hard fight, based on what it said on the mission page about nin soloing it. even brought a yag drink.

however, using my eva gear, i easily went ni->ni, and never got hit once, until towards the end, where i took off almost all my eva gear, and i got hit once. the only time i even casted utsu1, was right after i got hit. he also never resisted any enfeebles. i was disapointed how easy he was =/ --rOg \ TaLk 19:35, 22 September 2007 (UTC)

If you have Utsusemi: Ichi and Utsusemi: Ni you CAN absolutely solo this regardless of your job combination, level or gear. Hell, NIN37 could prolly solo this even safer, 'cause he'd have more shadows on :ni than a sub.

I came as PLD/NIN with a BRD friend and from what I've heared I was even considering bringing a few other ppl in. Good I haven't wasted their time on something like this. I barely ever had to cast utsu:ichi and I had no eva gear whatsoever, and I didn't get hit even one single time till he was at 10% when I was past caring and just switched to full DD setup (I even switched from AF to Haubergeon later on, and even with -20 evasion I still didn't get hit even once). At first the BRD kept casting Ballad on me, till he realized that the only spell I used was Flash (which I stopped doing later on as well) and I easily got those MP back from 2mp/tick Auto Refresh. No Double Attacks, extremely rare TP moves, very bad accuracy and insanely low attack speed for a one handed weapon, only thing he doesn't lack is HP. So it's a long, easy and very boring fight.

And another surprising thing I noticed. At low health, I switched to full DD gear and didn't care about shadows anymore, BRD was on healing duty. And what do I see? He hits for about 40-50 damage. In full DD gear. And guess what? Not one single critical hit. Whoever wrote that stuff about 80% critical hit rate was prolly on crack or something, I removed it from the page.

A total pushover. Zaphor 22:54, 7 July 2008 (UTC)

PLD/NIN solo. Buffs: Protect IV, Shell III, Sanction with Refresh. Food: Marinara Pizza +1 left over from Bahamut v1 fight. 13m~ to kill. Arrived at 5:55AM game time, so no Undead, and I didn't find any Imps within the battle area. I found that he had about 65% accuracy and maybe 25% critical rate. Naturally, being a Paladin with Undead Killer, intimidation procs (Programmed Random OCcurrances) were welcome.

Had basic meat shield tanking gear on (Valor body and legs, Walahra turban, Askar hands, Gallant boots, Joytoy; no Homam) with only 7% total haste. Fairly easy to keep shadows up but there were plenty of times where i'd have 5s~ remaining on Ichi or Ni and a hit or two would get through. Used Shield bash whenever it was up to keep my Utsu timers satisfied. When afflicted with Aegis Schism (DEF down), normal hits landed on me anywhere from 75 (shield blocked) to 350 (normal); w/o Aegis Schism, hits landed anywhere from 30-60 damage. When shadows were down, used Reprisal and/or Sentinel depending on my health. Used Chivalry once when he was around 51% HP.

Idled at 40-55% HP (450-700 HP) during the latter half of the battle for Hercules' Ring latent effect which kept my MP stocked, but was also dangerous if I was afflicted with Aegis Schism and shadows were down. This happened once, popped Invincible to play it safe.

I just fought this guy today as 75 rdm/nin. The fight went well, but maybe I am just rusty because he kept spamming foxfire and other tp moves and busted through my shadows and stoneskin. I was able to stand-up and melee him for the first 50% of hp, but when things got rough I started to gravity and dot kite him. Bio 2 and Poison 2 takes down his hp about 1% per tick. Kiting him is very easy. He does hit very hard with just normal attacks, but he uses a 1-handed sword so his attacks are very slow and debuffs greatly affect him. With genbu's shield+jelly ring+phalanx his normal hits were 70-100ish. Thanks to a very kind bst/nin who joined with about 25% hp to go, the fight only took about 10-15 minutes or so.

Arefise 20:51, 20 July 2008 (UTC)Arefise

Just fought him as 75 RDM/BLU. With Protect IV, Cocoon, Phalanx, and a Tavnazian Taco, he was hitting me for 0-40 without Stoneskin, and because he hits so slow it was easy to keep Stoneskin up. Kited around the headstones with Gravity, Bio II, Poison II whenever he used Aegis Schism (overwrites Cocoon's DEF boost) until its effects wore and I could Cocoon again, easily got him to 1/2 this way. Invited 73 DRG/BLU who needed it at that point and killed him the rest of the way with no problems. --Aliekber 00:52, 28 August 2008 (UTC)

it is soloable with ease and 0 damage taken by NIN/WAR 75 with evasion gear and casting hojo,jubaku and kurayami spells on him resists sometimes but with ninja torque and ninjutsu earring it is going to be easy.

very difficult soloing as BST/NIN 75 with beast affinity 5/5 since this NM hits very hard it was hitting my LV 73-75 fanguar 180 - 450 critical so it wont last long and trying to charm all the pets there wont do you that good only a little damage maybe like 2-3% off its hp per charmed monster. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Albaz (talkcontribs).

drg/whm 75, no problem (naturally) charlottie 14:55, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

I tried to solo as a Galka WAR75/MNK37. Used Mighty Strikes, Retaliation and Warrior's Charge. I also brought a Hi-Potion Tank and had 4 Hi-Potions at the ready (which I used.)

It took Jazaraat only 2 minutes 4 seconds to plow though my 1600+ HP. Based on this, I feel safe in saying that I do not recommend trying to solo Jazaraat as a WAR/MNK! --Danlmer 02:36, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

75THF/NIN - (Jambiya/Thief's knife/Arbalest+1, +30ACC/+32EVA, STP+10, RACC+29 /w rings, +8STR/+11DEX/+6 VIT/+6 AGI, 312ATK/240DEF, Mithra)

Close fight, remember that your bloody bolts will do you no good against the undead. Bring acid instead, you'll need the help to chip off his HP and for TP boosts. Always recast your shadows on the 2nd one, and take as much EVA gear as possible. Basic stuff. - - Asdfqwertyouip 21:16, 8 August 2009 (UTC)

75WHM/NIN - Necrids - Fenrir server I just solo'd this guy as whm/nin and it was way too easy. from what the page said about it not being recommended that u try it as whm/nin i was expecting a difficult fight. i got an imp aggro when i was moving the nm and had to sleep it through the entire fight but that was no problem. slow seems to stick very well on this guy and it is very easy to keep shadows up the entire fight. he only managed to hit me about 3 time throughout the entire fight and it was due to the imp waking up and using either sleepga or just attacking me and taking my shadows before i could sleep it. very easy fight tho, hexastrikes were doing between 750 and 900 damage to him. mp was not an issue since all i had to really cast was haste, erase, slow, repose and dia a few times. only need to use mystic boon once at the end and finished it off with hexastrike. imp despawned when i touched the tomb again for the key item.

Attempted duo with 75WAR/NIN and 74BLM/WHM during the daytime. This guy ate through shadows like crazy. WAR hit for 100+ damage each time, and Raging Rush did over 350 the one time I could get it off. He spammed Carnal Nightmare so TP was a problem. The BLM (capped Elemental Magic) sent a couple nukes, which hardly dented his HP (Fire IV took about 600 HP both times). The rest of his MP was spent on Cures and Erases, with a few Stuns so I could get more shadows up. About halfway through Jazaraat's HP the BLM ran too low on MP and we had to teleport out before we died. Elemental Seal -> Sleep II stuck for long enough to get the tele off. With a little less nuking we might have been able to beat him, but it would have been very close, as I was in yellow HP most of the battle, having difficulty keeping shadows up, and the BLM was yellow to red the times he got hate (after nukes and large cures). All I can say is... not a walk in the park with the jobs we had available. --Paralyzeastarael|Lastarael]] 09:35, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

Easy duo with 75 RDM/NIN and 69 WAR/NIN. Used Paralyze II, Slow II, Phalanx II, Blind, and Silence. Honestly did not notice whether or not Silence stuck as he hit me immediately after and I had to toss an emergency Cure. lol I have Utsusemi: Ni which I'm sure made this fight easier as he killed me with Utsusemi: Ichi only. RDM tanked with Stoneskin and shadows while keeping hate off the WAR who hacked away at him. Having a proper DD made this fight TREMENDOUSLY easier. We left Nashmau for the pop area at 6 so we could, hopefully, have him dead before the skeletons came out to visit. He dropped at 13:00. I would HIGHLY recommend going in the morning to avoid undead aggro. He did break through both my Stoneskin and my shadows a few times though so watch out for that and have fun. :) --Kmomo

  • Just fought this as WAR75/NIN37 and I barely got it to 80% before being taken down. It didn't hit particularly hard (only for 250~ for crits) but I couldn't really get shadows up much. I have capped eva (although on Warrior its a mere 225) and fairly high parrying, but still didn't do me much good. I don't have much haste gear, but if you're fairly fast or evasive (or can take one helluva whallop) then this fight should be an easy solo.

Rynokthegreat 17:27, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

  • Can be soloed by a good 75SAM/37NIN that knows how to do a Darkness skill chain.Ya weird to use darkness on a formor but does more dmg then light cuz of over all DMG.Submited By. Catchow of Cerberus
  • EditsEternallight 15:38, 2 April 2008 (UTC) I just soloed this fight as 75NIN/37DNC with little difficulties, i cycled through all my debuffs and made sure they sticked..kept track of shadows and when i got down to low HP i just Curing Waltz II, I really hated the TP erase move he does and the foxfire move! But all in all /dnc is good ^^ especially if you get hit..this will save your life big time. Submitted By Surreal.
  • Just to add to the above i soloed as nin/dnc w/ good evasion gear (KO,Ohat,Boxxers,Scouters,evaTorque). Took about 11 mins to kill. It kept spamming the lower TP to 0 skill just as i was about to WS. Hit me once (Crit 369) since i wasn't paying attention had to Ni about 4 times the whole fight. -Nightscope of Lakshmi
  • A 65BST can solo this with ease. Spawn Jazaraat then pull him, with a bird, to the pond near the zone of Nashmau using the leeches as your main pets. Your leeches will not decharm due to full AF gear so no worries about that. Once your first leech is almost dead leave it and charm the other one. This will give your first leech plenty of time to recover its health and be ready to fight once you leave the second leech. Continue this cycle until he is dead. Use birds if you really need to they just won't last as long or hit as hard. I went /nin because shadows are faster than getting blink and stoneskin up with /whm. Sirtet 22:40, 15 July 2008 (UTC)
  • Attempted to duo last night as 67 DNC/NIN and 67 THF/NIN, which ultimately failed. Jazaraat used Carnal Nightmare pretty much right off the bat, wiping out my TP, so building to 300% before fight may be a waste, but try to at least have 5 Finishing Moves stored up at all times for Reverse Flourish when that occurs (He only did it once in our experience, but that's not to say he won't do it multiple times). His accuracy was pretty good, but neither of us really had any trouble hitting him, and my steps landed every time. He does hit kinda hard, and has nasty TP moves, which proved to be our undoing. Even with THF using Accomplice and Sneak Attack-Dancing Edge, it was difficult to keep hate off of me due to having to drop Curing Waltz III's pretty often to keep us alive. Trance was unavailable to me, having used it an hour prior to the fight, but I really don't think it would have helped any, as the amount of hate I would have pulled through cure bombing would have led to my death either way. I highly recommend doing this fight during the day, as we did; there are Undead Skeleton's that wander the graveyard at night that aggro to low HP.
In summary, this fight was a little too difficult to duo at our level, in our configuration, although having an extra member to either backup heal or deal damage may have made difference in the outcome. Will post more on reattempt - Effedup 18:59, 28 February 2009 (UTC)
  • Jazaraat has ~11k HP and hits hard but can be soloed with care by Lv 75 anything/NIN, THF/NIN, PLD/NIN, RDM, MNK/NIN, SMN/WHM , or BLU/NIN with Disseverment DoT, a very hard fight. Also be advised that Guard Skeletons spawn at night near the headstone and will aggro to low HP. Easily soloable by 75BST/37NIN.
    • It is wise to bring some potions if you are trying to solo. He will place a drown effect on you, like the other Fomors.
    • Not soloable by WHM/NIN, or at least highly unrecommended that you try.
    • Soloable by DNC/NIN, beware of his Carnal Nightmare which reduces the TP of all members in AoE range to zero. As long as you go with evasion build you should be fine.
  • Can be soloed by a 71SMN/WHM using Carbuncle to kite. It can be a very long fight to solo (1/2 hours). Remember to do a macro with Erase, because if you get bound you must remove it as soon as you can. Always keep Stoneskin and Blink up.
  • EASILY solable by 75 NIN/DNC...use your tp often for cures and healing waltzs, and his Carnal Nightmare will be easy to handle. I did this fight with no problem by pulling him off to the side away from aggro and killed him twice, once for me and once more for a friend.
  • Not a problem for a 75 DRG/mage.
    • 75drg/rdm and got it to 80% before I died, hits very hard(150-300 per hit, critting for 450-550+) (as of 6/21/09)
    • DRG/WHM stands a much better chance of a solo. You really want Erase for Aegis Schism; with the DEF down you can take approximately 500 damage on criticals, and this guy crits 50-60% of his strikes.
  • Soloable by PUP/NIN. Slow fight but as long as you go do it early during the day before the skeletons pop and you keep your shadows up there shouldn't be a problem.
  • Soloable by 75 THF/NIN. ACC/EVA setup, recasting Utsusemi: Ichi on 2nd shadow. I used Acid bolts for TP boosts and def down. Flee can also be useful to counter the bound effect, if it sticks when your HP is too low.
  • Easy solo as 75 THF/NIN. Used evasion gear and a jack'o'lantern. My evasion isn't even capped and he didn't hit me once. Just keep shadows up and bring a few hi-potions in case he spams dancing chains (drown effect for ~200 damage throughout the dot.) The only damage I took was from dancing chains.
  • Can be duo'd by RDM/BLM and WHM/SMN for refresh, casting Gravity and running to zone. No melee, casting DOT in turn until he KO's. Long, but if you don't have a melee it makes an option.
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