• I just brewed this as 90THF/NIN solo. I basically got bored and had the KI so I was like, "I'm gonna brew Isgebind for giggles!". I went without a Terror Screen, cruor buffs, or atmas, but that just made it more exciting for me. Also made it a point to aggro as many raptors as I could. I agree with the guy below who said Aeolian Edge and Cyclone sucked. I did Evisceration > Dancing Edge over and over. I did not get terrorized and although I got paralyzed pretty early, it only stopped one attack. Didn't proc anything at all, but I got the Triplus Dagger, Snow Belt, and 2 Isgebind's Hearts. And now... I R HAPPY! ValeforDezdemona May 29, 2011
  • A THF tried to brew Igsebind today in my LS. Aeolian Edge & Cyclone did ~400-500 damage. So as a general rule of Thumb, don't rely on Wind Based Weaponskills for a Brew Technique on this NM. Rudra's Storm did 4000-6000. SSJ4Puar 17:53, April 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • Killed with 5 well geared characters including atmas - PLD/war MNK/war WHM/rdm RDM/blm THF/dnc. About a 30-50 minute fight depending on proc luck and deaths, during blunt(can be hard to proc somewhat.) Can sub the PLD with WAR or another MNK I think. I used 3 HP atmas on my PLD to start which was overkill(5600 HP.) Second round I used 2 HP and a regain. Third round I used Isge's atma in place of another HP atma for the ice resist which made it a ton easier(I was lazy and didn't use most of my mdt gear for spells due to old macros or whatnot, but wasn't a problem with so much HP to spare) Only real danger is hate reset but it's nothing a little mage kiting can't solve. Blizz V did down our MNK a few times for various reasons but it can hit pretty hard if you're unprepared for it. Brew not required. VF worked well as /dnc. Easy KI to get with evasion tank from Kur so don't be afraid to experiment to see what works best for you. One important thing to note was mages were using MM combined with foe flayer atma which is superior refresh during day. It basically means you stay at full MP during day time even with cure spams.--Botiemaster 06:47, February 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Duoed with a Monk and WHM.
  • Average Joe mnk isn't gonna duo this. Gear? Atmas? HP on the mnk? Moves that caused trouble?(ApathyBismarck 02:52, March 28, 2011 (UTC))
  • Essentially duoed 90 MNK/WAR and 87 WHM/SCH. There was a THF/NIN also who didnt really get to do much during the fight. After trying and failing a few times, attempting for the MNK and THF to tank it from the front we had to change our strategy. We finally got blue stagger and brewed it. I held the brew (I was the MNK) on the ??? pop point for a bit while the THF popped another. I used what brew I had left after the THF died, which was only maybe 30 seconds. I staggered blue again so I figured we might as well try to kill it at least. This time the WHM stayed out of the party and I tanked it from the back as MNK, so they only TP moves it would do was the paralyze one and Spike Flail. WHM got hit by paralyze which occasionally caused troubles and it was risky at points. My gear on MNK is nothing to be proud of either, and we were still able to duo it. MNK atma was GH/Apoc/RR and WHM was Allure/MM/Stormbird. Gear was Atheling Mantle, Loki's Kaftan, +1 AF3 of head, hands and legs. Fuma sune-ate, Agasayas collar, Brutal earring, Mermans Earring, Brown Belt, Rajas Ring, and Keen Ring in case it helps... Had -18% Magic Damage Taken gear that I swapped in during Bliz spells. Only ws that I used was Backhand Blow. So you don't have to be super great or anything to kill it. Just is risky and had to use about every temp item potion/ether available on MNK and WHM. As long as WHM can cure and keep MP up, and get paralyze off himself there shouldn't be much trouble. Also the THF kept Apoc on so they just kept dying and reraise for TH procs. We did the NM a second time using this method with no problem. Sorry for the wall of text just thought I would try to explain the best I could. One important thing I'd like to stress again is the WHM needs to stand out of the party to avoid Spike Flail while the MNK tanks from the back. Really did not expect to be able to duo this, so give it a try. --Nachii 05:31, August 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Duoed NIN/DNC & WHM/BLM - Try to stun as much Ga as you can to save you mp. Nin keep migawari up for the last 20% because a GA IV or a tier V can one shot you. The para aura will get you the most trouble. About 25 min fight even with a Kannagi. --Psychopat

  • Does his full dispel take off cruor buffs as well?
  • Dispels everything except cruor buffs Bummage 04:23, May 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • Duo'd WHM and BRD. Paralyze aura is only real issue. Bummage 04:23, May 26, 2011 (UTC)


  • A THF brewed him after using a Terror Screen. He used Horrid Roar to dispel the Terror Screen and then used Absolute Terror to Terrorize the THF, Not once... But Twice... SSJ4Puar 17:55, April 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • I brewed him for a laugh as a solo thf as I was bored, Paralyze isn't the biggest thing you should worry about, Terror stopped me in mid-battle, the Terror temp item from the Dominion Tact guy will help big style if you plans to brew him as a soloist
  • Tank it from behind if you're gonna brew, he'll only use gregale wing and spike flail! XD --Zatias 11:36, June 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • Blue !! is really good for the droprate on weapons. This is only anecdotal but kills without it were disappointing.

Multiple pop?

Apparently can pop multiple. I just saw two of them being fought at the same time. --Loeyuue 03:00, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

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