Ok first off i want to say this NM is rediculous... At first we decided to do the kite/nuke method so we had blm blm blu whm sch. Traded the bevel gear and gear fluid to the ???, and kited it till we got to the conflux 7 area and kited. Well he did mighty strikes right in the beginning. had a nasty gravity aura (which was like decreased movement speed +90%) it was bad. All the mages whiped, his aura range was huge. even 20 feet away and still hit us. did draw in and did a TP move which did around 800+. killed the rest of us

Gravity aura when he uses mighty strikes and Silence aura when he uses invincible.

So we decided to do the mnk tank method. so set up was mnk mnk ~4000 hp whm sch blu thf. This method sucked as well, his defense and attack went up significantly after each invincible and mighty strikes. Is about 20 minutes worth of fighting it was like he was raged hitting for 1000+

Me and the monk were the only ones standing after about 2 minutes into the battle, cause of draw in and TP moves. monk was hitting it for about 4- 20 damage, but was stunned most of the time. The TP moves seem to ignore stoneskin, He did a TP move and after i still had stoneskin on, after i took about 900 damage...

This fight is hard. Even with 6 good players we lost. this fight sucked.

I'm gonna second this. The NM is ridiculous even for an ironclad. An alliance of 18 almost wiped to this, and we tried after them with 9 and wiped. Atma of the Apocalypse is recommended. Littledarc 21:45, January 30, 2011 (UTC)

Killed by party of 6 (MNK WAR DNC WHM BRD BLM). MNK tanked throughout the fight with its back against a corner (because of the knock back move) and WHM in a stable distance outside silence range. Needless to say counterstance tanking is not recommended since all of its moves are TP moves.

WAR/BLM/BRD were mainly there for procs and speeding things up, DNC for back up tanking/DD (good kiter too but shouldn't be necessary).

After it uses its draw in move there's enough time to run out of range before it AOE's but besides that it's a pretty straightforward fight. Atma of the Apocalypse is recommended for BLMs trying to proc grellow since more than likely you have to spam to get a clean spell off." --Bakura555 22:43, February 7, 2011 (UTC)


duo as mnk/war and whm/sch. Not really much harder than any other IG, just plant yourself against a wall and swing at it. Brownst0ne 16:14, February 10, 2011 (UTC)


Kiting seems to be detrimental. The more steps it takes, the more frequently it seems to Mighty Strikes or Invincible. My group tried to kite and it went horribly. Standing it against a wall it only 2hred once (from moving it from it's pop spot).

Kelga-QuetzThaiChi 04:25, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

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