Historical Background Sources

In this English-Tamil paper dictionary, you can see Iratham means "coach" or "chariot" and also links to Irasam, which means "mercury" or "quicksilver." In close proximity is Irattam, which means "blood" and seemed relevant to include.

If you pop these into an online dictionary that translates Tamil, you can confirm that these words are correct. However, the general entry for Iratham (Chariot) appears as ரதம் in an online translator rather than இரதம் as the above dictionary shows. I included both for the sake of completeness. --Eremes 03:45, September 12, 2010 (UTC)

Spawn Possibility

Has a huge Roaming and spawning circle, including the path all the way around the mandy camp, from the blood bat corner all the way to the cliffs by the couerls and around the mountain.

  • Lately he's only been spawning at night, after 20:00 has anyone seen differently in the last month?


Just solo today helping my bro get his Caturae clears as 99PUP/49WAR using full af3 +2, raja / eponas ring Cirque neck, boxers mantle, brutal earring, moonshade earring (att+ 4 TP bonus +25) twilight belt and 90 Verethragna. Im sure /49NIN /49WHM or /49RDM (for barspell resistance) would have been easier but I used the Soulsoother pet and kept atleast 1 light maneuver up at all times. It was a pretty easy fight until about 50% then he began casting Blizzaga IV which put me in red each cast so pet was constantly cure bombing me. My pet eventually ran out of mp so I deactivate/activate for full mp and pulled Iratham away from my pet. I would say on a difficulty scale was about 8/10 after Iratham falls under 50% The atmas I used were Minikin Monstrosity, Razed Ruin and Ebon Hoof and those 3 worked extremely well. Dorianjr cerberus

The attachments I used were Mana tank II Vivi-valve Eraser Optic fiber Damage gauge Armor plate II (not really needed) Shock absorber (not really needed) Scanner (extremely helpful for not casting enfeebs Iratham would resist) Mana booster Tranquilizer And my pet has full cap magic, Melee and Ranged

Hope this helps

THF/Anything + WHM/Anything Duo

The fight is easy and once you master his patterns you'll never die to him again. 2 most important things to remember.

  • Macro holy water. if you rely on your mage to cursna Iratham will already be doing something deadly at low hp and nothing can survive a shadow wreck when cursed except an Aegis Paladin.
  • He gets a rediculous Store TP at low hp. Always expect a Blizzaga 4 -> Shadow Wreck and be sure not to cure a second too early or even a cure 5 after wont save your tank from it.

Knowing these two points any dd job with capped MDT will handle Iratham easily even without stun. Without capped MDT you'll need high hp or good enfeebles on Iratham.If your whm doesn't have af3+2 legs you're going to run out of mp unless you rely on a subjob. But whm/rng with af3+2 legs never had trouble keeping mp up with no temps. Good luck--Josiahkf 01:31, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

My LS fought and defeated it with 11 people. PLD/WAR, BLU/NIN, RDM/BLM, WHM/SCH, NIN/WAR, SAM/WAR, RNG/NIN, BLM/RDM, MNK/NIN, BST/NIN, BST/NIN. We kited it around two trees within the mandragoras, keeping up DoTs and enfeebles. It went well all through 20%, we noticed it shift from Fire element to Ice element at 50% and casted spells to match. After 20%, though, things got hairy. It started casting Comet which had a VERY fast casting speed, (with Addle), and did over 2k to anything that it hit, including our PLD who has a fairly robust MDT set. It even one shotted one of our beastmaster's lizard jug pets from full HP. We were able to scrape it together and get it dead, albeit by the skin of our teeth. Recommended to keep distance at all times if you have hate, if at all possible. Noticed no damage reductions, and as the blue mage I was able to land 1.5k+ spells rather readily. -Prothescar 06:35, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

Our LS fought this and we noticed some reduction on melee damage near the end. Also does meteor as well as comet.

  • Successful Trio. RDM90/SCH45, COR90/RDM45, and DNC90/NIN45. Used Magus/Tacticians rolls and a Fanatic's Powder at 15%.

He's really not much of a threat until low HP (<20%). -Ga IV followed immediately by Shadow Wreck will wipe you on the cement. -- User:Asymptotic

  • Also successfully trioed as 90DNC/NIN, 90BLM/RDM, 90DRK/PLD. He was only able to kill me by curse followed by shadow wreck. HP atmas recommended. Used Sanguine Scythe, Razed Ruins, Apoc. --Zatias 17:04, April 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • The only hitch is Shadow Wreck, which can do upwards of 2000 damage to anyone in range. Especially at low HP, Iratham starts to spam TP moves between spells, making keeping your tank's HP up a bit difficult. RDM using Addle, Slow II and Paralyze II are crucially important; a WHM's Cursna/Silena/Paralyna/Erase are obviously crucial to deal with its tp moves, but Cure V/VI are much more effective that Cure IV after Shadow Wreck. We used a MNK to tank, but he dropped a few times, leaving the RDM/NIN to hold it as he zoned back. --Eremes 20:15, December 16, 2010 (UTC)
  • Successfully duo'd as 85NIN/WAR 85WHM/SCH not much to it Ninja keep it debuffed whm haste flash and lots of cure5 and 6 not a hard fight but you cannot be slow on a cure shaddow or flash

Successful but challenging solo NIN99/WAR49. Aggroed me while farming cockatrices and since I had been amber farming for a 2nd Lacovie KI I had a full stock of temps and meds. Fully skill capped and well geared with Kannagi RR/GH/Apoc lasted to about 40% with meds before I ate a hard nuke and dropped. Reraised, 2hrd poped a fools drink and re-engaged using my remaining potions and elixers to finish him off. Ended the fight at 22hp. Would like to try this again one day except come back more prepared.


We just finished killing the Tier 3 VNM usurper and decided to head to blood warp on Iratham for fun. 20-30 Minutes later Iratham is dead :| Thf/Nin tanked almost the whole fight with Rdm/Sch curing. Near the end he did go a little nuts spamming random abilities i've never even heard of or even knew what they meant. So yea basically straight tanked and when nin and thf died the rdm/sch just kited it around a rock till they were good to go. Even ate a nice comet :)

30 minute spawn?

I'm not sure about him taking exactly 30 minutes to spawn every time. I'm camping him now and we're well over the 35 minute mark from the last ToD.

Iratham's Shield

I noticed something about its shield effect today; a PLD friend using 300% Spirits Within hit for 0 damage while the shield was active. I decided to cast Blizzard IV on it (was on RDM) and I hit for 283 damage and his shield effect dropped. The next Spirits Within landed for 800~ damage. My guess was that its shield acts like a Stoneskin effect for magic damage. Though, the main page has that no visible damage reduction was noticed while the shield was active. All I know is that Spirits Within did no damage with the shield up and after I removed it with the damage from my nuke, it finally did take damage from Spirits Within. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience regarding its shield effect.

  • Just fought this guy twice. I noticed when his shield is up it does seem to act like a stoneskin effect. casted Blizzard5 immediately after shield was up towards the beginning of the fight. Both times it did 0 then i followed with Freeze2 and it did little damage but the shield disappeared as soon as the damage was dealt.


Atma: 1.Atma of the Shimmering Shell 2.Atma of the Frozen Fetters 3.Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity

Blizzaga IV can get you for 1600- even with Atma of the Frozen Fetters Going to go next with Atma of a Future Fabulous + Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity + Atma of the Apocalypse

kill time was 30min long fight it was make sure you have your HP atlest 2k. Had full set creed on +2 almace + Ochain + the 2X sachet and Engulfer cap and i had mithra tail :~ --Masterdarkjedi (talk) 13:44, March 19, 2013 (UTC)

BST Solo

Easy BST solo, however need the exact right atmas or it goes from easy to impossible. When using Ducal Guard + Vicissitude + Stronghold I was not able to solo passed 50%. When I used Ducal Guard, Future Fabulous, and Razed Ruins however, the fight became easy prey. Used Sheep pet (for the HP) with -39% damage down with gear/abilities, and 2.5 stacks of zetas and 1 dawn muslim (used for emergencies) With Future Fabulous and Ducal Guard, Bliazzaga 4s were hitting sheep for <300 damage, and Shadow Wrecks barely breaking 400. Not recommended without Future Fabulous, and I would go as far to say it's impossible without it. --ShadowsongLakshmi 05:42, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

Just did this today BST99, was a little scared after reading the above testimonial since I don't have Future Fabulous, so I went in with RR/DG/Savior using SlipperySilas. Was really surprised at how much Silas was eating nukes for, Firaga III/Flare/Blizzaga IV/Comet all averaged less than 100 damage. The only one that would seem to do the most was Freeze II, but still that would only do around 300ish. Used 3 Silas total, but since I was short on time I used Familiar on the first, and Run Wild on the second. The damage taken from nukes seemed unchanged(maybe a 10 damage difference only), the biggest change was damage taken from melee hits, and damage dealt by Silas. It wasn't really enough to make or break anything though, just wanted to speed things up since I had to get going. Don't have any magian axes yet, only had Anwig Salade w/ DT-10% and AF3+1 pants. Took 15~ min. Only used 3 single Thetas, Savior proc'd a few times on nukes/WSs to heal Silas to full. Only set it in the first place since I was running low on pet food, I'd reckon this can be done w/ Silas using RR/DG/MC. --BruHouse 03:58, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

Soloed as BST/NIN99 using Faithful Falcorr, with DG/RR/Vicissitude Atma, and Anwig Salade/AF3+2 pants/2xAstolfo build. Two pets, half a stack of zeta, and a couple of dawn mulsum. Not too bad until the last 25% when he begins to use -agaIV, Comet, and Shadow Wreck. Important to keep Ducal Guard activated, otherwise these moves can one-shot the pet, hence use of pet food zeta. Also /NIN preferred since he can (and did) use Comet during pet swap. Drops were Aquiline Belt, Meridian Ring, Card of Balance. April 2012. Midnightjade, Quetzalcoatl.

Pathetically easy solo BST99/DNC49 using Faithful Falcorr with DG/RR/MC Atmas. My pet equipment wasn't exceptional, making use of 2x Astolfos (One is Pet: Evasion +22 while the other is Pet: PDT-11%), Anwig Salade (Pet: Haste+5/DT-10%), Ferine Neck (Pet: DA+2%), Beast Bazubands (Pet: Defense Bonus), Angel Ring (Aug'd with Acc+6, Enmity-1, Pet: Acc/R.acc+4), Ferine Mantle (Pet: Acc+10), Selemnus Belt (Pet: MDT-3%), Ferine Quijotes +2 (Stout Servant +1), and Adaman Sollerets (CB delay-8, Pet: Haste+2, Subtle Blow+4). Used one pet, a total of five Pet Food Zeta. Keep Ducal Guard activated, and stick to Choke Breath as your preferred TP move, as the paralyze effect caught several of Iratham's spells and stopped quite a bit of damage. Be careful near the end, as people have said; Deathly Dimmuendo won't drop your DG threshold with its curse, but it can cause you to misjudge how much survival time your pet has left if you're not aware of the curse. Blizzaga IV and Comet were doing ~700-800 even with DG active, Shadow Wreck doing pathetic damage. Drop was a single Jewel of Balance. Took roughly 20 minutes to kill. April 30, 2012. Kensagaku of Valefor, formerly of Kujata.

Extremely easy solo BST99/DNC99 with Falcorr. I used DG/RR/GH atmas for faster kill speed, was not in zone to kill Iratham but I figured why not? 2xPDT axes, AMK helm with pet haste/DT, and just AF3+1 pieces. I used only Fantod, and the kill took less than 15 minutes, didn't get an exact time but it was 10-15 minutes. Used only two Pet Food Thetas, but frankly lower food is better here- the vast majority of significant damage is from spells, and it's important to stay under 50% for Ducal Guard. Falcorr resisted nearly every spell, including Comet. --Nusayb 07:56, June 10, 2012 (UTC)


Easy duo untill he gets to 25% then becomes a nightmare with the curse effect and strong -ga spells, had to use 4 Dawn Muslems at 1 point to keep 1-sheep alive. Atmas used on both MC DG RR with sheep. Took 56 minutes for it to spawn from last death so seems to be 30-60 minute spawn. Fearforever.Fenrir

DNC Solo

Ran up to it and stabbed in at the end of an empy run last night, just for fun. Easy enough until around ~25% or so at which point the AGA IV's started, and back to back TP moves. I died around 10-15 times, reraised and carried on. If you're quick enough he doesn't regen anything while you're eating dust and getting back on your feet.

Anyway, I carried on raising myself (atmas were GH/RR/AoA) and hitting it, TPing if at all possible before being butchered again. Think I used a temp item wing at one point for a free TP move during this phase (eat dust phase).

I'm sure with better preparation/atmas I could have done better, but at least it was fun :) Got the belt + body Funluva

SMN Solo

Since I needed my last +2 for legs, I went in and try solo on Iratham and failed, though I thought since no one said anything SMN solo so I thought I would start one.

Gear setup: +2 Body, Feet, and Hands, +1 Head and Legs, NQ Fire Staff, Vox Grip, Caller's Earring and Gifted Earring, Evoker's and Fervor, Tiresias' cape and Diabolos's Rope, Caller's Pendent.

Atma: DG, MC, Ambition.

subjob: SCH

Reason was I was afraid with its movement speed I don't have enough time to cast and run. Fight started, and it was really really slow. I didn't merit Ifrit's BP so I was using only Flaming Crush, was doing 900~1500, during the first 60% health on the NM, I had to recast on Ifrit twice, fight was going steady but REALLY slow (took about 35 min. just to get to 60%, and I run in to do BP whenever I have the chance), only thing worth mentioned really is Shadow Wreck, did 1.4k dmg to Ifrit, other than that, none of the TP moves Iratham does will depict Avatar's health more than 20% HP. At the last 40% of Iratham's HP he started using Freeze II and Blizzaga IV more and more frequently, but Ifrit is not really hurting, accidently went in for BP and got hit on by that GA-IV, went near death from full with Stoneskin. At 25% of NM's HP, I accidently released my pet at 40' range, NM caught up and IV'd on me, then I died and <!Endkey!> with this. >.>


  • This NM is soloable with SMN, but if I were to do this again, I will use Ifrit only till 50% after and then Shiva, MM MC DG atma, and /RDM for more MP. /captainobvious
  • Should've taken the release macro out from macro bars lol. -Nanabi, Asura


Using the "Conclusion" above I was able to solo this NM with SMN99/RDM49. DG MM and MC atmas included.

Gear is kinda ok, +2 Head Body Feet, +2 Summoner's Hands, no Evoker's Ring yet.

The new patch allowing 5 second recasts makes this NM MUUUUCH easier it seems, as being able to cast one Avatar every 5 seconds in case something happens instead of 30 is a huge help.

First part of the fight went really slow with Ifrit.. Strategy pretty much stay out of range, Flaming Crush and Crimson Howl when timers are up and run away and recast when he's about to die.

Below 50% switch to Shiva and use same strategy until about 25% (replace Flaming Crush with Rush and Crimson Howl with Frost Armor).. that's when things can get nasty with TP move spam and Comet.

The last 10% I ended up Summoning Shiva, running away until she got hate when Iratham came after me and then when I was safe, use Rush and Frost Armor (Heavenly Strike did squat and Ice Spikes works wonders on this NM). After she uses the two BPs, I ran away far enough (50+ yalms) until I knew I was safe AND had a safe path to run away when he approached. Release, Recast then run.. once Shiva gets hate, repeat above. (Note: Shiva should get hate when you run away from Iratham, causing her to run towards it to fight it.. careful though as I had to kite for a bit once she hit because she didn't get enough hate in time.)

Ended up dropping Ring, Belt and a Jewel.. needed a card but oh well D:

Used one Lucid potion and ended up using my Clear Salve II and Ointment for Shiva when she got hit bad with many status effects before I could start running. Useful to have those ready just in case.

Applebottoms, Valefor

PUP/THF & ValorEdge Solo

Solo'd as 99 PUP/THF. Atmas were Ducal Guard, VV, Mounted Champion.

Gear: Brawny Adargas, Relic head, Relic+2 body, Empyrean +1 legs/feet.

ValorEdge attachments: (Fire) Strobe, Reactive Shield, Tension Spring II, Attuner. (Earth) Shock Absorber, Armor Plate II, Hammermill, Barrier Module. (Light) Auto-Repair Kit II. (Thunder) Stabilizer II, Volt Gun, Heat Seeker. ValorEdge Frame had 345/432 melee skill.

Strategy: Throw up Earth, Fire, then Deploy. After the Provoke, Retrieve and find a suitable fighting spot (this also allows for a Deactivate > Activate > Deploy should you get more adds than you can handle). Rotated Fire > Earth > Thunder, except when HP was 10% or less and TP was greater than 80%; in that case, I put up Dark for Cannibal Blade. I ran in occasionally to use Shijin Spiral after it used a TP move, and then ran back again. I had to use a dusty elixir and lucid potion II due to some occasionally aoe, but nothing too bad as long as you don't panic. Puppet died a total of four times during the fight, but all were while Dues Ex Automata was available. Please note, that you can substitute some of the DPS attachments for added magic defense if needed. Always keep Ventriloquy off cooldown for emergencies, or have a Revitalizer available. --Hadasui, Diamond Knight of Shiva. (talk) 07:07, May 28, 2013 (UTC)


um yeah was farmin cockatrice for glavoid pop and this bastard came out of nowhere, somehow managed to kill it using a few meds so im assuming it wouldn't be that hard to kill as nin/dnc? did have kannagi which helped bring it down fast

99RUN/RDM Solo

Full AF, atmas MC,RR,FF (future fabulous) used dark based runes and barthunder. Was never in any danger whatsoever except when he cursed me (which cut my HP in half), even then i barely took any damage. Easy fight.

99PLD/DNC Solo

Fight was a joke. Literally just auto attacked and ws at 100 TP until he died. He will dispel buffs, just reapply as needed. Was in ilvl117 starter outrider spark gear and his AoE moves did 350 a hit with comet hitting for 600. Having 3800 hp from cruor buffs made this fight cake. Capped evasion and RR/VV/GH atmas on.