Ikishoten and Store TP

  • I think Ikishoten's TP bonus is added before calculating StoreTP. So, with Level 1 Ikishoten with 46 StoreTp, you get extra 4.3 tp. (3 + 3 x .46). With level 4 Ikishoten with 46 StoreTP, you get 17.5 tp bonus, meaning, with 450 GK, you gain 34.3 total TP from 1 Zanshin hit. (11.5+12)+(11.5+12)*0.46 --AstralDream ~August 24, 2009 (this is wrong)

For an ikishoten build to work without gimping dmg by wearing tons of store tp gear during ws. I've found 14 store tp during melee and 10 store tp during ws is the optimal set to achieve a 5 hit on occasion when zanshin procs. That much store tp with merits gives 17.1% tp per hit in melee gear and 16.6% in ws gear, this only accounts for it to proc once during melee and you have to be quick on gear swaps to maintain the build. Ikishoten adds 15.0 tp to w/e your base tp gain is with max merits, in this case you'd gain 32.1% tp from a sucessful zanshin hit. This is with the hagun, base delay of 450 with 20% haste (6 hit build), after first ws it takes 5 hits to hit 102.1% tp and with zanshin activating once it take 4 hits after first ws for 100% tp.

  • I am pretty sure it is not just 3 tp. At each lvl, 3 bonus tp is added to pre-store tp calculation. At lvl 4 Ikishoten, standard 6-hit build (+11 store tp for both tp/ws) with 450 GK can achieve 5-hit if 1 zanshin kicks in; based on my experience a year ago.--AstralDream - May 7, 2010

The equipment on this page all enhances Zanshin, not this triat. It should be removed. --Jericho 09:58, May 23, 2010 (UTC)

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