The only way to aquire this die is from the merchant in Al Zahbi? A merchant who can be taken prisoner at any time? For the past week and a half the dice listed from this merchant have been completely unavailble on my server because of her status as a prisoner. Is there NO other way at all to aquire these dice? I'm tired of my COR being stuck :( Pahya

Re: Prisoner Vendor

Unfortunately if she's been taken prisoner you won't be able to buy it until she's returned. This drove me crazy for weeks because she seems to get abducted quite often. If you can catch her, stock up and buy ahead as far as you can to save yourself the trouble. :) -- Aidyn

Re: Hunter's Roll Stats

In the recent update Hunter's Roll was increased in power, but the increased stats with a ranger have yet to be recorded, this is why the stats with ranger are lower than those without. They don't need to be switched around, but anyone who can get the numbers with a rng (rumoured @ +5 acc/r.acc) please post.

Re: Hunter's Roll Stats

There is no way the stats listed are accurate. I believe they have to be a % or something. I rolled an 11 (without a ranger) and had my weapon capped yet the exp mob did not check low evasion (this is level 17 in dunes against goblins). At +50 i most definitely should have been checking that goblin as low evasion... so these stats need to be retested and verified. -- Rdmprotey

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