Here is some data collected on this dice. As a level 21-22 RDM in Qufim I got these bonuses with the different rolls (no WHM in the party):

3: +7 hMP (Lucky number)
7: +1 hMP (Un-lucky number)
8: +4 hMP
9: +4 hMP
10: +5 hMP
11: +9 hMP

Some one posted on this page that they got +4 hMP on the lucky roll. The COR in my pt was level 20-21 over the course of the party. So...perhaps the hMP bonus is a percentage of your normal hMP (without any rolls I got a beginning tick of 12 MP when I healed), or it changes as you level? Either way, I want to put this info somewhere in case someone can figure anything out! ^_^ --Rixie 11:03, 7 May 2006 (PDT)

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