At the high end of the spawns in Vunkerl Inlet (level 75), Gigas's Tigers have between 1,381 and 1,384 HP. At level 70, a Flare for 1,380 would not kill the level 75 tigers, but would kill the level 73 and 74 tigers. A flare for 1,384 would kill the 75 tiger. In order to be able to one-shot the tigers with Flare at level 70, I used Sorcerer's Ring, Moldavite Earring, Mahant Sandals, and Uggalepih Pendant, and 110 INT, though you can possibly wear more MAB gear if you have access to the level 68 Cobra gear and in turn use less INT gear. When using Uggalepih Pendant, make sure to account for the possibility of Conserve MP kicking in on your Flare. --Narse 09:18, 19 November 2008 (UTC)

out of the 3-4 i checked while going to the outpost in Beaucedine Glacier [S] they all checked Even Match to me at lvl 75.--Wpause 21:57, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

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