A few things regarding this page...

  • I reworked the page slightly to fit in with what Tenzen's page is since they are both integral characters that we eventually fight... but being that he's also a Battle NPC, I left the portion regarding when you fight with him top as well.
  • I think that the text blurb regarding his origin and what his motives are should probably be the top of the page similar to Ajido-Marujido's page (in place of the redundant "Type, Job, Location"), since I think that looks pretty spiffy. But I enter-spam thru the cutscenes so I only roughly know his full back story and probably shouldn't be one to create such a summary.
  • I also listed the number of spawns to coincide to when he summons his clones. I wasn't sure if I should list his special attacks from the BC at the bottom (such as other Mission monsters like Promathia and the Jeuno brothers), especially since they're not clearly defined as of this point. --| Г |Talk Cont 01:05, 6 June 2007 (CDT)

Does Gessho have any relation with Kazan The Peerless leader of the Yagudo Plenilune Ronins? =o—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hiroyukii (talkcontribs).

  • I believe they're both from the Tengu in the Far East. --Melios 22:50, 6 July 2008 (UTC)
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