Cursed Sphere, water based or dark based?

Cursed Sphere, you sure it's aoe Dark? Flies is always aoe water. --Sakuraryong 15:57, September 11, 2010 (UTC) Wanting to know for BSTing this NM, which jug would be best D:

If I got you right you used more or less the same strat vs FS as you would use it vs Boompadu, Nezha? I bought Hermes and I can't wait to try to solo this NM :) thx for the detailed help! Ruffy - Leviathan

This NM is insubordinate and churlish!!


  • Tore it apart in less than 5 Mins on 90NIN/DNC. AF+1s, Sekka+2 x2 only notable gear. RR/GH/Apoc Atmas. Sushi and Stalwarts take accuracy back to 95% and it goes down very quickly. Tanked in Yonin also. --TarquinOf Pandy 17:06, May 1, 2011 (UTC)

-Easily soloable by PUP/RDM Flame Skimmer is easily soloable by PUP85/RDM42 utilizing Bio II and BLM Automaton. Strategy: Sneak up and used Deus'd pet to kite the NM from its original spawn point to the Colibri area. Kite NM until it gives up then Bio II and rekite until it gives up again. Nuke using BLM Automaton while the NM is docile and only reaggro by using Bio II when Bio II wears off. Things to Note: Cursed Sphere can be dangerous so keep Stoneskin on. Blink is also useful just in case Flame Skimmer gets too close. Useful Atma: Atma of Ambtion. (Again Hermes' may substitute, but the 5/tick refresh is very helpful!) Side Note: You are partially at the will of others around you when fighting this NM as many have tried to steal it from me (but they all died miserably), so kiting it to a remote area is suggested. NezhaOfFenrirHappy SoloingNezhaOfFenrir

  • Solo'd as RDM/SCH. Kite it around the bridge on the Puktrap side, there is a specific pattern he uses that allows you to nuke when you are under the bridge. Alacrity helps a lot. --Vince 03:14, November 11, 2010 (UTC).

Soloable as 85DNC/NIN. Evasion set with 23+ Subtle Blow from gear to avoid being hit by Cursed Sphere too frequently. Used Atma of the Razed Ruins and Atma of the Gnarled Horn. 5/5 Fan Dance and 5/5 Closed position. Sushi and Quickstep is helpful for landing Violent Flourish when Utsusemi: Ichi. The NM missed most of the time in the battle. It gave me trouble at two points in the fight when it managed to land a chain of hits on me when fan dance was worn down and after I was hit with cursed sphere. Debilitating Drone was used more frequently than Cursed Sphere. It took about 30mins to kill this NM.--Kotomei 14:42, November 21, 2010 (UTC)

Soloed as a 90NIN/DNC. Didn't bother with evasion gear, full TP worked fine. 99% of the fight was really just us both missing each other. As a result, not much TP was fed to him. Whenever I got TP (mostly from regain than anything else) I'd toss on Blade: Yu for a decent poison effect after fully whiffing two Blade: Jins. Was really just one headache after another. Shadows were never an issue with capped evasion skill. --Kensagaku 07:18, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

  • Soloed as SMN. It was hilariously clumsy and involved a lot of running. Used MM, Beyond, and Ultimate atmas and Shiva for Heavenly Strike. Strategy more or less consisted of Summon Shiva > Tank while she fires Heavenly Strike > Run to either the end of the bridge by flies or the corridor that would lead to Sacrarium > Throw up a Blink or Stoneskin or whatever I had time for > Resummon Shiva > repeat. It was quite tricky because of the nature of Flame Skimmer's multiple attacks; sometimes Shiva would barely take any damage in an attack round, sometimes she'd lose half her health. To make it better, whenever she took 3-4 or more hits, she'd have an annoying tendency to lose hate, which meant even more Summoner tanking. Yippee. Only got one PUP seal; obviously not what I was after. --Terranova the Insignificant 22:27, February 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • Annoying solo as 90DNC/NIN. Never ever had an issue with evading or shadows, but like others have said his evasion is crazy. Just make sure you have at least 30 minutes to spare in abyssea and you'll be all right. Came for the abyssite, didn't drop. Natica 04:31, February 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Easily soloed on DNC90/NIN45. It only took about 10 minutes using Gnarled Horn, Razed Ruins, and Voracious Violet atmas. Evasion was high, but not too terrible as long as you keep Quickstep on it.
  • Soloable on DNC99/NIN. It took about 10 minutes using Evasion set and RR/GH/VV atmas. Using Presto and Quickstep helps, but could probably use Feather Step no problem. The fight only gets bad when you get links. Even with an augmented Yataghan and Oynos knife, this nm is simple to solo as long as you keep Fan Dance up. --Nelka 16:18, June 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Solo Bst/Nin 90 About 1 hr long fight using dipper... No melee using only pet need about 18 etas if you want your pet to survive. Use Snarl after it uses tp move that makes it lose hate because it will come after you, but you can usually run around till pet establishes hate. Atmas DG/RR got Sapph abyssite of furtherance, Navarch x1, Ferine x1. User:X4OMEGA
  • Solo Bst/Nin 95, took 55 minutes using dipper.... I did same as above but instead i used 29 zeta's also 4 dipper's, and tried 1 Dapper Mac but the Mac lasted like 30 seconds. So above statement is true and does work i got Ferine x2.

-Firespock of Phoenix.

  • Solo Bst/Dnc 99, atmas RR/Vis/DG..fight took a while because of high evasion but only needed to use one pet food zeta. Snarled after Debilitating Drone every time. Used Dipper. -Baldfried (Bahamut)
  • Solo as 99 BST/NIN. Used RR and DG with 2x Astolfo (-22 PDT) and +10 Pet accuracy. Don't melee and stand far away. When hate reset move activates use Snarl, but NOT before it comes at you. 10% of the time the pet will get hate back immediately. Dipper requires the least amount of pet food. About 1-2 per fight (1260HP restored with my gear). I used it when HP was at 25%. When using Dipper it takes about 16 minutes. With Mailbuster Cetas only about 13! The worst pets against him seemed to be Gorefang,FlowerpotMerle and DiscreetLouise. Louise gets hit for only 28-30 dmg without DG, but the fight takes 20 minutes and I was spamming Pet Food Zeta. She has poor accuracy, but is a pretty good tank.

If you want to Semi-AFK during fight use Raptor with Beast Affinity 5/5. It holds hate even after hate reset move the entire fight. I do have capped Negative Emnity merits though. Took 16 minutes, but no snarl needed.

I don't suggest /DNC because you can often get hit several times if Snarl doesn't go off right away. I didn't have a third atma slot for HP regen. If you can equip a regen atma with a third slot you can probably melee. The fight is 10X harder without RR and your pet misses non-stop.

99 DRG/WHM; Atmas: Cloak and Dagger, Razed Ruins, and Plaguebringer. Fairly simple fight, a few times it got a bit dicey for a few reasons, some of which being incredibly powerful Cursed Sphere followed by 3-4 hits. After Debilitating Drone (I believe that's what it is called) I would sometimes let Etoila (wyvern) tank for a little bit with Steady Wing up. -Sanjo, Phoenix Server


-WAR90/SAM, WHM85/19BLM Very easy duo. Zerged in 30 seconds beginning with 250tp and Sekkanoki, and got Abyssite. :) Stephanox 23:38, August 31, 2011 (UTC)

-BLU/RDM, DNC/NIN Technically we killed this with a SCH/NIN as well, but she came in at about 10% so that hardly counts imo. DNC solo'd NM until about 60% where I offered to help in exchange for the Abyssite drop. All I did was Auroral Drape, Regurgitation and Corrosive Ooze the NM, along with a few heals and 1 Diffusion'd Animating Wail. It appears that an extremely well-geared/skilled DNC can solo this NM for the most part. --Eremes 17:53, October 26, 2010 (UTC)

RDM/BLM & NIN/WAR -- Stupid easy fight, just Haste, Phalanx II, Protect V, Shell IV, Regen II and occasionally heal the Nin/War after a cursed sphere. Nin needs really high eva+ gear though at least 370+ eva skill with gear. Odds are with some eva gear a Nin/Dnc and temp items can solo this nm. Nin with me spammed the elemental ws wheel and I spammed all elemental DoT and spells we still came up empty handed on abyssite. Got pup leg seal and magnus lance. --Mesheef 02:50, November 28, 2010 (UTC)

-Bst/Nin & Pup/Whm Dipper Yuly + Puppet set to nuke, not an easy fight at all, I had to use reward each time it was up, below 10%hp Flame Skimmer evaded and multihit like crazy. We got Ferine Seal: Legs x2, Magnus Lance and Sapphire abyssite of Furtherance. --OdepaUnicorn 11:27, February 15, 2011 (CST)

-THF/NIN 90 & WHM/RDM 90 Easily Duoable. THF uses evasion gear eva Kila+2 (20 eva), OHat (10 eva), Ungur Boom. (8 eva), Aurore Doublet (8 eva), Evasion Torque (7 eva skill), Boxers (10 eva skill), Raider's Feet +2 (15 agi). Every other slot just used regular gear. Rajas, Eponas, Suppa, Brutal, Twilight Belt, Raiders pants +1. Atmas, Sanguine Scythe, Razed Ruins, Velocious Violet. WHM used Allure, Minikin Monstrosity and Stormbird.

Just kept up stoneskin with the WHM. Cure 5 and 6 as needed. Haste on the THF. Feint every 2 Mins. This guy is a joke. Takes like 5 Mins to kill. Xellith 07:23, April 17, 2011 (UTC)


DRG PLD WHM easly killed it, just hate restet can give problems but is an easy fight pld have to save provoke or flash with hate reset --Oscurodrago 00:14, November 7, 2010 (UTC)


-Killed with group of PLD, NIN, THF, RDM and 2 BLM.

-4 Person Brd Dnc Mnk Rdm The claim of his evasion on the main page is very misleading. As a Dancer I had little trouble dealing with acc issues, myself and mnk meleed it down just fine with a nuke or 2 from Rdm on occasion. Both melee had significantly above average gear however, so my report may be skewed.

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