stat mods?

Anyone know anything that may effect the accuracy and length of Feral Howl? It really annoys me that SE would have given us a nice ability like this but it rarely lands on VT/IT mobs or higher level NM/HNM where we actually need it. So far the only real use for this is a claiming ability while you have a pet out and cannot use charm. The time is completely random as well~ I've had it stick anywhere from near 0.1 seconds to about 10 seconds on all different levels of mobs. I had it terrorize a Greater Colibri for the great majority of the fight but 90%+ of the time it misses them. I was going to cap merits on this but stopped at 2/3 once I saw how often it misses on something worth using it. Any clues? I tried CHR, INT and MND gear set ups, none seem to work. --Bekisa 08:20, 8 August 2007 (CDT)

i have landed this ability on nearly every monster i have used it on. when i test it alot further ill write my results. i have landed it on behemoth everytime. duration seems to be between 2-5 seconds. in my oppinion its more of a quick stun rather than a long pause. kioku(caitsith)


The Terror status effect, is listed as being Earth based. For all my Feral Howls the only monsters who seem to resist it consistently are Demons (specifically Dynamis Xarcabard monsters and Caedarva imps). I'm thinking this ability acts like the Blue Mage spell: Jettatura, in that it's Darkness-based. All my searching is coming up blank on if any stats affect resist rates for the BLU spell, but I'm pretty convinced this ability will have the same stat modifiers.--Wpause 00:50, 1 September 2009 (UTC)

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