For those heavy on DRG, MNK and WAR doing weapon trials, this fight can be a bit rough. TP before hand and eat attack food or pizza because this NM has high defense, but rather low evasion. Make sure Shell is up (if you don't have a lot of mages get it from the Field Manual).

Stun and shadows are important on this NM. Utsusemi will absorb Somersault with one shadow. DD should keep a stunning WS at hand. His spells have a moderately long casting time and are easy to Stun.

BLU dominates this fight. When we were down to 7 members (DD and one WHM), one member asked his BLU friend to assist. Head Butt easily keeps it Stun-locked, with Temporal Shift set for emergencies during Perfect Dodge. Healing Breeze and Magic Fruit helped a lot since we were low on healing. We went from multiple deaths in the first four runs, to zero deaths in the last two runs with the BLU.

PUP is also a great job for this fight. One of our MNKs also had PUP and utilized the Black Mage automaton with great success. Much of the fight will be spent waiting for Perfect Dodge to wear off, and the automaton's hate-less nukes really shine in this situation.

One last tip that will potentially save you some grief: Skip Meriphataud Mountains [S]. Starting a West Sarutabaruta, your party should be able to cycle through the remaining three zones in around an hour, allowing time for the first NM to re-spawn in West Sarutabaruta. --Shizoku 21:23, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

After attempting to kill this NM, I noticed his hate was very strange. He seems to go after the person who did the most recent action. For example, I was kiting for a good 5-10 minutes on RDM casting Bio3, Poison2, etc and then a friend casted Baraera once and it went straight for him. Then I just had to cast shadows and immediately had hate again...

4 man kill...

Killed this with 3 (RDM/DRK,BRD/WHM,NIN/WAR) and a THF/NIN friend came out at about 40%.

RDM/DRK - kept dots/enfeebs on it while keeping haste/cures on tank and stunning whatever agas possible. Mainly focused on stunning aeroaga3 since the graviga and silencga are harmless for the most part.

BRD/WHM - double mambo for then tank, silena tank asap after silencga, elegy on the fly and keep ballad on the rdm. Helped cure tank if needed.

NIN/WAR - EVA tanked it, keep blind on it and it won't hit you often. Can get scary because it will aga then somersault right after. So save NI for tough moments. Also save voke for when someone else pulls hate as the hate on this thing is kinda weird. But should be no problems holding it then just voke when it turns away from you. Also try to have your hp @1300+ to survive a somersault if you get unlucky and get hit by one. I ate tav tacos for the extra defense and it did wonders (After getting one shotted by somersault for 1200 first go round.) somersault seemed to do 700-1000 with taco.

Just be patient with this fight and it's not too bad. Bring some echos for a smoother fight.

ALso a few things I noticed was that the fly seems to become more accurate while under perfect dodge. Also is either VERY resistant or completely immune to paralyze as we didn't land it once.

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