• Soloable by a RDM/NIN at 99 with a healer trust that does not engage the enemy (Apururu). Paralyze and slow were only landed after Frazzle II was applied. This monster has no auto-attacks so as long as you can keep Utsusemi up, you will not take significant damage. Note: other trusts were used in the beginning but all died. If attempting with trusts, opt for ranged DDs + support/healer. Also note that this NM has TP move that dispels buffs (Rending Deluge) so be prepared to reapply them throughout the fight. The NM can be bound and break also lands. Use if you are in trouble or use to buy time when he goes immune to damage (Impenetrable Carapace). Once the other trusts died, Apururu was able to maintain near full MP with Refresh II. Took approximately 10 minutes to kill.


Viable strategy: this strategy relies on MNKs. Have a MNK to use Formless Strike and auto attack Faded Cracklaw without the use of WS (because WS arent affected by Formless Strike). This way, Faded Cracklaw will increase his defense against magic, while becoming vulnerable to physical dmg. After first Riptide Eupnea is used, his defense will be weak enough to be one shooted or at least, 2 shooted by WS.