• Soloable by a PUP75/PLD37 with Stormwaker Frame & Damage Gauge.
  • Soloable by a THF75/NIN37.
  • Soloable by a RDM75/NIN37.
  • Reported to be duoable by melee/nin and accompanied with a mage job for buffs and minor healing.
  • Soloable by SMN75 by pulling it to Den of Rancor entrance to get enough room for kiting. Use Elemental Siphon and Predator Claws for quick kill. Took about 15min.
  • Possibly soloable by NIN75/WHM37 with some sort of Refresh drink.
  • Soloable by NIN75/DNC37.
  • Soloable by dnc/nin. Only problem I had was violent flourish didn't even stun one time. And the Rancor Torch popped after the 2nd trade. Kyonne 05:06, October 5, 2009 (UTC)
  • Duoed with 2x SMN75, Cleared area and popped NM. Used Predator Claws for quick kill (but NM did use Self Destruct), also used Elemental Siphon and Took about 5min.

Kazham Reputation needed, 7. Unable to flag at reputation level 6.

I can confirm the Rancor Torch does use self destruct at low hp. But it also didn't break 75 bst/whm's stoneskin with barfire and shell II up. easy bst duo btw.. charm mousse in room and use to fight. mousse will last entire fight. Jado818 10:13, February 7, 2010 (UTC)

Does the quest not count as a success if the bomb self-destructs? I just did it today and defeated him after he blew up, but when I went back to get my reward, Jakoh does not acknowledge.

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