Drop Rate: with Weakness Blue 2/3 on neck; without Weakness Blue 0/9 on neck. Maybe it cant drop if you don't proc Weakness Blue Edit: 2/2/11 Just got drop without Blue proc. I would imagine the drop rate is very low without proc.

  • Easy duo 90 Thf/Nin and 90 Rdm/Whm, Difficult to process Blue Weakness however, I've Dual Boxed this 10 times now with no drop of Neck piece, I have tanked on Mnk War and Thf trying for Blue Procs rather than relying on TH, but no luck. Even when I know what the Weakness Weapon class is via Discernment, I've gone through all WS' for that weapon without triggering. Is there a certain phase the VNM has to be in (Open vs. closed flower) or does it have a specific ability status during which weaknesses cannot be triggered? any info would be helpful.--Taduntadah 22:24, July 14, 2011 (UTC)
    • 12th time was a charm, no weakness triggered, TH stacked to 10.
  • Easy solo as 90MNK/DNC with RR/GH/MC. He was at the top of the mountain, but I just waited until he dropped down. Didn't have any prior TP built up. I wasn't able to proc blue the first time and I only got a Gold Ore. I'm decently geared and I used several temps (Lucid Potions, Elixirs). --Lozer - Asura 03:45, June 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • Second try I came as 90MNK/NIN with RR/VV/AoA. I had serious trouble with him and ended up using all my potions, elixirs and even a Megaelixir. I proc'd blue and got the neck. 1/2 (first without proc). --Lozer - Asura 03:45, June 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • Easy solo as 90THF/NIN with RR/VV/AoA. If you find he is on the top of the mountain, just wait a few and he normally heads down the west side. 1/3 on the Collar and 1/3 on the Gun. Didn't trigger anything. FFXI Authority 07:07, January 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • Solo'd by 90BLU/NIN staying on the defense the entire time, the only debuff I could land was blind. Stuns don't work, para didn't, slow didn't. It's rough, but keep cocoon/saline coat up, refresh your shadows as needed, and spam sanguine blade/plenilune. It was very rough, but someone with more experience than I shouldn't have much trouble. Used MM, RR, Apoc, so a better atma choice should make it easier also.
  • Solo 90BLU/NIN using VV/Cloak and dagger/MM on evasion setup. Dual Evasion Shamshir, +27 Evasion Skill, +90 Evasion (including swords), +10 Evasion Trait, +8 Evasion merits, 121 AGI (Divided / 2) for a total of 548 Evasion (514 total evasion of counting skill as *0.9). This fight was straight tanking rolling on Occultation/Utsusemi. Stunning Aga spell. Managing MP with regen and spamming Delta Thrust. Sanguine blade is the key here to maintain high HP. Auroral Drape and Filamented Hold as Enfeebling. Took 10 minutes. --Atilas - Asura 18:19, May 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • Also, Whm/nin was a very viable option, just make sure you don't get petrified and it's a solid route to take.Khaoticlight 23:05, January 14, 2011 (UTC)
  • Solo'd by 90DNC/NIN with decent Evasion gear. Slightly uncapped Evasion. Waltz off Gravity asap otherwise it will always choose that over Silence. Kept Fan dance on for the rare times it hit. Stupor spored twice, second time sleep wore before it removed shadows. It seems immune or highly resistant to Violent flourish stun, doing damage only with 5 Stutters and Etoile Casaque. Shadows absorbed Tier IV nukes nicely, with most being interupted by natural melee hits. Use common sense and redo shadows and then waltz when gaIII goes off. Atmas used: Razed Ruins + Cloak and Dagger. 1/1 Abyssite change, no drops. ~Kuching|||Cerberus|||21st December 2010~
  • Duo with THF/NIN (me) and BLU/NIN. The fight wasn't too hard, but Stupor Spores (AOE sleep + damage) is annoying. He used it 3 times during the fight and I died near the end because of that (Stupor Spore + single target nuke after removing my last shadow). Other than that, it wasn't hard to keep shadows up as THF, he missed me a lot (with capped eva @ 85 + merits + some evasion gear). He used mainly Tier IV single target spells, and also used Silencega and another -ga debuff (gravity?) once. I'm not completely sure, but it seems that the stun effect from Head Butt didn't work. The fight took 6 minutes (with me using Voracious Violet and Razed Ruins atmas), and according to KParser, the NM has 40 000HP. Dropped only the gun. --Soily 15:43, November 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • Duo with nin/war & rdm/sch, approx 20 minutes. Hits fairly fast, 200 damage to a nin, and rarely missed. Pulled to the Bastion area & used rocks/terrain to kite when Utsusemi was not ready. Gravity landed every time it was cast, but wore before it was ready to cast again, normal movement speed. Had no luck with silence, slow, paralyze, bind, blind, or poison. Addle did land. Euvhi's nukes ranged from 360(stonega 3) to 440(Aero 4) with shell 4. 2 wins so far with TH0: 1 gun, 1 iolite, 0 abyssite upgrades.
  • Attempted solo with rdm/nin however graviga caused problems. Rdm/Whm might be possible, but would make a long fight, unless you were able to take advantage of terrain/tracking problems to create oppurtunities to nuke.
  • After reading this i attempted too try this solo as rdm/nin everything was easy (i had kited and nuke by conflux 3 area near martello) till around it was around 55-60% my nukes which did like 650ish everytime started to get resisted they pretty much did 70dmg id luck out if got a 300 dmg. Gravity had landed np up untill this point but then almost always got resisted then it started spamming graviga lol
  • Really easy as 90 RDM/BLU, just a matter of luck with break and how long it lasts. It casted it on me and i was killed with 2000hp.
  • very easy fight solo SMN/nin with Atma MM montain champion and ambition --Oscurodrago 10:35, January 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Solo'd 90THF/NIN 3 Lunars, Mounted Champion, Ebon Hoof, Razed Ruins. Fairly easy fight, bring echo drops, fought with Haste Build Eva. 381. capped. Got his Gun and stone no neck (T.T) gonna try again ***Omnicry*** KingsofGilgamesh.
  • Easy solo as 90BST/45NIN using DipperYuly. Atma used was Mounted Champion and Razed ruins. Very straight forward and 0 pet food used. Things of note would be -22% pet physical damage taken and 5/5 call beast merits.--SoichiroGilg 08:11, January 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Easily soloed by 90MNK/NIN. Used RR/GH Atmas with counterstance up and the fight was surprisingly easy. I do not have great gear or any type of evasion build but its accuracy appears to be pretty low and when dodge was up it very rarely hit me. When it does try to cast an aga spell reg melee hits almost always interrupt the spell. Used very few TP moves on me the 3 times ive fought it, ive yet to see Stupor Spore so i guess im just lucky there^^ 1/3 on Agasaya's collar^^ --Tremonti820
  • Solo'd as 90MNK/DNC. Very easy fight with DD gear and RR/GH/Apoc atmas. I got potions from the cruor prospector/bastion npc to use in case of emergencies. Kept my HP high for Break so I would have enough time to survive til it wore off. It had surprisingly low accuracy, and hit for about 150 with 50 from enspell. 1/1 on collar. --Olue 04:09, January 31, 2011 (UTC)
  • Solo'd by 90 NIN/DNC (10 times) : Haste Gear, Evasion when recast not up, Ninjutsu enfee sticked well (but I got a doubt with Jubaku, possibly immune, I cant remember). My Evasion skill was arround 365, ninjutsu skill arround 365. Bring a stack of echo drops, You'll need some. Myoshu when you feel you need to. Violent flourish was resisted like 1/2 so be prepared to lost your shadows and being hit with aga3 Water or Earth based spell. Often interupted his spells with melee hits (that's why I prefer using haste/tp gear).Do your ninja solo work like everytime and keep cool and you gonna crush him ! Atmas used: Razed Ruins and Impregnable Tower.(no chance on trigger soloin lemme very few chances to hit weakness) 2/10 Abyssite change, 1/10 Agasaya's collar, 1/10 Gun. Blackbud ~Gilgamesh ||| Frebruary 16, 2011~
  • soled as nin/thf in under 5 min, used AA RR and Gnarled Horn, super easy, it finally managed to hit me once at 1%, as long as ur attacking fast u will interrupt all ga spells so its not really a problem. the only problem that might occur is if ur casting as the same time he is casting a ga spell, so then u wouldn't interrupt him. gear only has +41 evasion and 10% haste, therefore geared terribly, still easy solo.
  • 4 pops in a row were on top of the Parradamo Tor today, missed claim a few times because couldn't climb fast enough... The fight itself was stupidly easy for THF and WHM 90. MaachaQ 11:58, January 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • Solo'd by 90MNK/DNC with haste set and RR/GH/Mounted Champion atmas. Agasaya's collar dropped without blue proc. I went 1/4. The fight itself is very simple, counterstance, focus, dodge and use curing waltz III when you need it. Finding the VNM is harder than fighting it xD --Galkansausage 22:02, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

  • Easy solo as 99THF/DNC with RR/VV/GH. No evasion needed, i used thaumas gear and stunned any nukes and breaks that came my way. --Larwan (talk) 03:27, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

EDIT**** I assume it build resistance to gravity if repeatadly use it... but i just solo'd this thing via melee rdm/blu had 36% -phs dmg gear on ate taco's kept cocoon up i again fought by conflux 3 mortello i used it twice if was low on mp and convert wasnt ready. i used gravity 3 in entire fight times when it would do aeroga or aero IV and smash my stoneskin (i should've ran from spells and took jelly ring off but never did) as soon as i casted id buy time put grav on it never got resisted.

I Sanguine Blade's it which always did 560 dmg and gave me back about 300hp there was one point it did a tp move then aero 4 i had to 2hr and buff rq and use that drink that nullify's physical dmg or i would have died... but just make sure buffs are up and you'll do fine i have ebur coat with resist silence and with my bar spells resisted most of his silencega... i used like 5 echo drops entire fight. Oh and i never saw it cast break like it says on main page nor any stone spells only did 4 Aeroga III, Aero IV, Graviga, and Silencega and absorbed wind dmg i didnt see it do any other element


Gave 1500 xp and 460 crour And Awilda's Gun , Agasaya's Collar 1/1 :D no abyssite change tho

Now gotta lget thf up 3 levels XD

Easy solo 90 THF/DNC. Use box step to build finishing moves to violent flourish his spells. Keep up haste samba and use evisceration whenever you're cured up and can spare the TP. Rarely hits you even without evasion gear.

Also, this guy is heavily camped and I believe there is decent respawn time on him.

1/5 Agasaya's Collar

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