• solo by 32 BLU/NIN with refresh and a ether+3. Finish him before MS. Grand Slam learned
  • Solo by 35PUP/DNC using RDM automaton and drain samba (Mathisyn-Quetzalcoatl)
  • Solo at level 40-43.
  • Solo by 33THF with Bloody Bolts and Signet.
  • Solo by 38DNC/NIN, no shadows, 250+ TP, with link.
  • Solo by 34BLU/NIN
  • Solo by 36NIN/WAR, with all enfeebling tools
  • Solo by 31DRK/NIN.
  • Solo by 35 THF/NIN used sneak attack, one acid bolt and bloody bolts, Never had much trouble but used 2hr just in case when in cast mighty strikes,, <baghdadbum>
  • Solo by 31 NIN/DNC using Meat Mithkabob. Long fight. kept Utsusemi up and had no real problems. Mighty Strikes hit hard, but he only landed a few of the hits.
  • Solo by 35 PUP/WAR with RDM Npc & RNG Pup
  • Solo by 35 WAR/DNC. Attack food + defender + starting at 100+tp for Shield Break. --Jotabe1789 13:42, 13 November 2008 (UTC)
  • Solable by a 30SAM/15DNC 2hr not neccessary unless you run low on tp and meditate is down. Start with 300tp, recommended to kite during Mighty Strikes. Save tp for Curing Waltz. Long fight - 10-15 minutes.
  • Soloable as 42 WHM/NIN with 50% mp, a pineapple juice and some pacience. He used Mighty Strikes at 30% --User:Caramia

Pulled him in a lv 23-25 party with PLD, THF, DNC, WHM, DRK, BLM, if I remember the jobs right. He was a long fight, gave max experience for us, everyone lived, PLD got down in the red a few times during the fight but we finished him off. Was alot ot fun though, I'd encourage anyone leveling to tests their mettle and pull him. He's not much worse than other Gigas, just LOTS more HP.--DarkTrance 19:54, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

  • Solo by 31 Rng/Nin pulled to zone and zoned Mighty Strikes used EES at the end of fight to help finish him off but mostly spammed Bloody Bolts and switched to Holy Bolts to ws. Almost died but was able to finish him off before he killed me.
  • Solo'd by 31 DNC/WAR. Started with 180 tp, food from nearby book, protect/shell/haste. 4 Min fight. (Squinookle - Asura)
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