Pre rollover I dug 80 digs with the message, 70 without. I was surprised by the performance, which allowed me to make it to a total of 150 digs, implying that digs for which you get the first message do not count towards the 100 dig limit at all.

After rollover this was confirmed by a 90:100 dig ratio, which cemented the hypothesis that the activation rate on the silks is 50%.

My digging is A10, but I doubt that the activation rate is affected by that. It certainly appears that it is not affected by whether or not one is using personal chocobo or not, and therefore not by the abilities of the chocobo.

So, that checked, I made the page. Updates to it should come soon if any of the data is incorrect.

Rei 16:34, November 13, 2009 (UTC)Risae