I have recently completed the quest for Empyreal arrow but cannot see any value in this ws. It gives half the damage of other ws. Has anyone found any use for this? I thought because it was only available to rangers that it might be useful but so far it appears to be a useless impotent ws.


if u r looking for ws damage of course u do not want to use empyreal arrow, but instead stick to sidewinder, anyways empyreal arrow is basically one of the most bad ass ws for skill chains. The damage it creates with a light skill chain is great, better than sidewinder, so basically this is just a ws if your gonna be in the mode for skill chaining, other than that if your not into that just use sidewinder.


Does this WS have anything going for it? Sidewinder wins at damage of course, but even when comparing to Arching Arrow, AA starts off with a 3.5x modifier, EA caps at 3.0x modifier at 300 % tp. AA also gets critical bonus. To top it off, they're in the same skillchain category (apart from transfixion). Seems pointless apart from looks, or am I overlooking anything?

Well, according to Distance, this weaponskill (and its Marksmanship Equivalent have a longer range than other ranged weapon skills by about 1.9'. It's not big... but it IS a difference. --Taeria Saethori 03:28, 30 April 2009 (UTC)
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