WHM*2, NIN, SAM, DRK, RDM, won. Easy fight. SAM and DRK tanked Sybaris until 60%, then the DRK switched to Ehkis which was tanked by the NIN. Easy killed. No observation of any rage after one dies. -- Elynsyon

Possible Rewards

Is there a way to get a listing of everything that dropped into the treasure pool in the order it was listed in the log, for each BCNM win? This way we can get the proper drop ratios and drop percentage for this BCNM. Thanks --Kautamer 17:34, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

Possible rage

Just did this fight, Whm, Blm, Rdm, Nin, brd & Thf. They seem to rage together. After they each 2 hour they rage a little more each time. After one dies, the one that's left does seem to get a little more 'upset' but it doesn't all out rage.

We are doing it 6 times, so I will edit accordingly. ~~Kresaera Kres

Dragon Scales (BCNM)

Did this fight as, PLD/NIN, NIN/DNC, RDM & WHM.

Having the PLD tank the red dragon, was not ideal for the set up that we had, simply because of Null Song spam, as PLD has no less then the broad side of a barn for evasion and lacks in subtle blow, I tanked the Black dragon as PLD/NIN using Chant du Cygne for anywhere from 600-1200 damage as they both have incredibly high defense, the only worry with the PLD tanking the black dragon is Chaos Blade (Powerful Curse) but so long as you have a WHM or RDM thats up to snuff its not an issue, the NIN/DNC tanked the Red Dragon and was able to evade it more easily then he was the black one, also the advantage to this is that he could flourish stun null song, while feeding it considerably less tp, when we tried the first time, the black dragon's accuracy is just too high to evasion tank, even though his evasion set has well over +100 on it. We beat the BC a total of 3 times, each time took us about 15-17 minutes using this particular set up.

Drops were 2/3 Jingang hose and no Calmecac Trousers.

-Exeter, Odin.

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