• I am a level 30 bst and I could solo this guy and using 1 jug pet any type GARETHEWRECKER 2:45 pm 7/23/08
  • Killed solo as 33DRK/16THF (Used Poison once, melee the rest of the time. No SA.).
  • Killed solo as 30BLU/NIN (Started with Metallic Body and Cocoon, dual Centurion's swords, Wild Oats + Bludgeon for easy kill)
  • Killed solo as 45BLM/THF with low level gear, a dagger and no extra restore HP or MP item. Using Blaze Spikes, Bind, Fire II and Fire, and then melee.
  • Killed solo as 34SAM/DRK wielding Homura, Centurion body and leggings, and Sardonyx Ring(s), and with Hasso activated.
  • Killed solo as 60SCH/RDM just casted 2 tier III spells

TH and Spawn Rate

Given that Dio (and Gog for that matter) are lottery between 4 total mobs that pop every 8 minutes, TH is highly advised. Just got done camping for them and Dio didn't pop for 4 hours. Within that time, Bomb King popped 5 or so times and Gog popped once. Finally Dio popped and I got the scythe to drop. Subbed an underlvl'd THF but still, had TH1, can't say it was the reason I got the drops but I'm sure it helped. --Dressi 04:36, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

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