In case anyone questions these changes(original cited 10 defense per trait level) here are the tests that I conducted to confirm that lv2 and lv4 are not +20 and +40, respectively.

LV75 RDM/WAR 133 defense 60 VIT (lv1 trait) LV75 PLD/WAR 176 defense 70 VIT (lv4 trait)

We can see that there is a difference of 43 defense and 10 VIT. Subtracting for VIT, the total difference is 38. Conveniently, this means that lv4 Defense Bonus gives a total of +48 just like lv4 Accuracy Bonus.

LV75 RDM/PLD 147 defense 64 VIT (lv2 trait)

Adjusting for VIT there is a 12 defense difference between RDM/WAR and RDM/PLD, meaning that lv2 trait is +22 total. Again, this conveniently mirrors Accuracy Bonus.

Lv3 should be +35, but I have not tested this.

--Releena 06:38, 10 January 2007 (EST)

Defense Bonus V

level 80 Pld/war, naked, no vit merits, Vit: 75, Def = 195, or 12 defense higher than it should be with Def Bonus IV. Drk got Attack Bonus V, which has a value of +60, at level 76, so that's probably when pld gets it too. I'd wager that Thf gets Evasion Bonus V and Rng gets Acc Bonus V at level 76 too. --Theytak 20:05, October 1, 2010 (UTC)