Alternatively reported to have the following modifiers:

100%TP = 100% Damage ratio 200%TP = 150% Damage ratio 300%TP = 400% Damage ratio

Moved opinion

This WS is better than Mistral Axe for creating a Light Skillchain, however in pure damage Rampage still wins out every time. I mix and match alternating between Rampage and Decimation because Decimation looks very nice, and is still strong enough to finish off my solo fights reliably. On average it does about 25% less damage than rampage.


On my Bst Decimation allways seems to do more damage agaist certain monsters than rampage like aura statues, so it is not completely useless while having rampage --Noobfamiliar 21:35, 11 November 2008 (UTC).

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